2017 Summer Research Recipients

Student Advisor Title
Isabelle Anderson Amanda Mifflin Investigating the surface charge characteristics of the water-hematite interface using second harmonic generation
Ryan Apathy Bryan Thines Investigating F-Box and 14-3-3 protein interactions as a novel regulator for the ubiquitin proteasome system
Zach Armstrong Jo Crane Analysis of interactions in hydrazide based metallogels
Jae Bates Grace Livingston Narratives of Return: An Oral History of Korean Adoptees
Lillian Bengtson Jill Nealey Moore Birth and Bonding: The Impact of Birth Experience on Maternal-Infant Attachment
Maya Bittman Amy Fisher Using Citizen Science and Social Marketing to Promote Energy Conservation
Blake Bordokas Eric Scharrer Exploring improved synthetic routes to 1, 3, 4-oxadiazole-based liquid crystals: Amide formation & ring closure
Madeline Brown Monica DeHart Leadership in Corporate Structures: An Analysis of Women's Workplace Narratives
Olivia Burke Mike Valentine Effects of fire on kinnikinick and subsequent effects on hoary elfin occupancy
Claire Canfield Megan Carpenter Perceptions of Women Political Candidates
Elayna Caron Elise Richman A Study of a Practice
Rachel Chaiser Justin Sukiennik Testing conjectures on the number of preperiodic points of a rational function
Jessica Chan-Ugalde Sara Protasi The Philosophical Implications of Biased Recommender Systems in Social Media
Christina Chapman Bryan Thines Performing a meta-analysis on differentially expressed F-box genes under abiotic stresses in model plant Arabidopsis
Hoi-Kit Cheung Alia Clark Synthesis and computational modeling of tetrahydroquinoline derivatives as novel histamine H4 receptor antagonist
Jackson Clarke Dan Burgard Wastewater analysis of marijuana by sewage-based drug epidemiology
Eric Crispell Gary McCall Development of a one-arm exercise model for delayed onset muscle soreness and of passive muscle stiffness
Ian Crocker Stuart Smithers and Gwynne Brown Free Music, Free Spirits: The Aesthetics of Revolution and Redemption in Jazz Music
Andriana Cunningham Michael Johnson A study of the natural world through sculpture: Immersion and beauty from the outside in
Emaleigh Curl Travis Harris Computation optimization of an iron-based hydrogenation catalyst
James DeJesus Luc Boisvert Synthesis of iron-based catalysts for for hydrogenation reactions
Amanda Diaz Andrew Gomez The American Creed: Immigration and Detention in Tacoma
Emma Elder Jeff Grinstead Protein-ligand docking: Benchmarking HADDOCK for isoform-specific predictions
Ariane Farris Monica DeHart Face, Normalcy, and Identity: Systems of Support for Individuals with clefts of lip and palate
Matthew Fergoda Steven Neshyba Applying improved temperature-dependent CRI to a model of radiative flux in the Antarctic
Kaitlyn Finlayson Peter Hodum Effects of habitat complexity and socioeconomic status on avian biodiversity in urban environments
Heather Foote Alyce DeMarais Endocrine-stimulated expression of Wnt/B-catenin pathway genes associated with ovarian follicle cell division
Celeste Gagne David Andresen Neural Responses to Gender Labeling: Perceptual Gender Categorization and the N170 Component
Tiare Gill Stacey Weiss Female visual ornamentation and skin lipids as potential redundant signals in sexual communication of the striped plateau lizard
Emma Goldblatt Alyce DeMarais Influence of bisphenol A on the expression of apoptotic genes caspase 3 and caspase 7
Samuel Gonzalez Leslie Saucedo Determining what makes IRL-1 a tumor suppressor in Drosophila melanogaster
Matthew Gulick Amy Fisher Using Citizen Science and Social Marketing to Promote Energy Conservation
Emily Harman Hans Ostrom Pine Needle Poetry: A Creative Exploration of the Wilderness and the Written Word
Eric Hartel Carrie Woods Effect of substrate affinity and nutrient availability on niche partitioning of three fern species
Bjorn Hoffman Amy Fisher Using Citizen Science and Social Marketing to Promote Energy Conservation
Jessy Hosken Amy Spivey Measuring the effects of ligands on the fluorescence lifetimes of quantum dots for use in luminescent solar concentrators
Hannah Houser Susan Owen Postfeminism in Popular Cinema: Commodification and Representation in Contemporary Media
Ayse Hunt Brad Richards Investigating the behavior of novice programmers in a large dataset
Carlisle Huntington George Erving Can Poetry Help Save Our Planet: The Romantic Roots of Contemporary Ecocriticism
Shelby Kantner Amy Fisher Using Citizen Science and Social Marketing to Promote Energy Conservation
Hannah Katz Renee Houston To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed? A Working Mother's "Choice" in the Workplace
Alex Kaufman David Latimer Two-body charged particle interaction considering time symmetric relativistic effects and self-force
Alexandra Keyssellitz Poppy Fry The History of Sexual Violence Education at the University of Puget Sound
Thomas Kimler Jeff Tepper Structure, petrology, and tectonic implications of the Eocene Naches Formation, Central Cascades, WA
Kelly Kingdon Vanessa Koelling Comparing inbreeding depression in Mumulus guttatus using population genetic analysis and greenhouse observation
Cory Koehler Amy Spivey Measurement of the fluorescence lifetimes of colloidal CdSe quantum dots with thiol capping ligands
Drew Kristensen Adam Smith Neural networks in the extraction of ultrasonic mouse vocalizations
Nicholas Kulawiak Benjamin Tromly An Invisible Enemy: Poland's Response to Radio Free Europe, 1950-1970
Kim Kyungin Nick Kontogeorgopoulos The Political, Economic, and Social Impact of the Change in Jeju Island's Immigration-Investment Policy in 2010
Annie Lamar Katherine Smith Augustine's Original Sin: A Digital Mapping of Texts from Plato to Augustine
Kevin Le Ken Clark Investigation of the Olympia Structure at Vance Creek in the Olympic National Forest
Alex Lee Leslie Saucedo Investigating the effects of dPRL-1 knockout on embryogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster
Julia Lin Margi Nowak Collaboration Between City of Tacoma and the Vietnamese Community
Kayla Lovett Carolyn Weisz Religion and Recovery from Addiction
Helen MacLeod Alan Krause What is the Economic Value of Sustainability
Anna Marchand Siddharth Ramakrishnan Effect of prostaglandin on GnRH neuronal activity in male zebrafish (Danio rerio)
William Miyahira Rand Worland Experimental observation and analysis of muted drumheads using electronic speckle-pattern interferometry
Jenna Mobley Luc Boisvert Development of iron-based catalysis for hydrogenation reactions
Zane Molgaard Andreas Madlung Designing a better experimental approach for measuring salt stress responses in A. thaliana
Lura Morton Patrick O'Neil Analyzing State Capacity in Qatar
Aidan Murphy-Deak Mike Valentine Investigation of Lake Cushman's offset at Dry Creak, Mason County, WA
Rachel Nelson Siddharth Ramakrishnan Effects of social dominance on GnRH neurons and testes in male zebrafish
McKinley Nevins Carrie Woods Identification of drivers of non-vascular epiphyte distributions within the canopy of Acer mamcrophyllum
Lily O'Connor Bryan Thines Understanding the role of the F-box stress induced 3 gene in plant abiotic stress responses
Lindsay Ollerenshaw Siddharth Ramakrishnan Determining the effects of BPA exposure on GnRH spinal cord neurons and the motor system found within zebrafish
Juan Carlos Ortega-Esquinca Jason Struna Intersectional Solidarity: A Re-reading of the History of Unions and Working Class Through Queer and Critical Race Theories
Ben Papadopoulos Vanessa Koelling Detecting adaptive genes in Mimulus guttatus through a genome scan
Pamela Lara Perez Brad Dillman Indigenous Women in Chiapas: A Fight for Equality and a New Form of Identity
Elise Phillips Joel Elliott Spatial and temporal vairation in epibiotic bacteria living on crabs in sulfide seeps
Jack Randall Jeff Tepper Petrology and geochronology of Northern Naches Formation, Central WA
Maggie Riley Eric Scharrer Developing a new synthetic route to oxadiazole based liquid crystals: Optimization of the conversion of aromatic nitro
Chris Roach Luc Boisvert Development of catalysts for investigating alternative pathways of amide synthesis through organocatalysis
Rosie Rushing Dan Burgard Estimating cannabis use from wastewater analysis and human excretion samples
Layth Sabbagh Matt Warning From the Pacific Northwest: Notes on Food Sovereignty for Syrian Refugees
Micaela Seaver Carrie Woods Short side of the stick: Growth of non-vascular epiphytes in the temperate rainforest of Washington State
Emma Sevier Ken Clark Geology, petrography, and geochemistry of the Mt. Tebo area, southern Olympic Mountains, Washington State
Jacob Shaffer Joel Elliott Comparative study of the diversity of meiofaunal symbiosis in high and low sulfide environments in Commencement Bay
Anna Shampain Peter Wimberger Impact of beaver dams on aquatic macroinvertebrate communities
Hunter Simpson Joel Elliott

Distribution, abundance, and biology of an undescribed Phagomyxid pathogen living in the roots of eelgrass

Mairan Smith Kena Fox-Dobbs Role of anthropogenic food sources in the diets of urban small mammals in the Pacific Northwest
Heather Stegman David Andresen EEG Study of the Featural and Configural Components of Face Perception
Emily Stewart Steven Neshyba Quantification of basal & pyramidal ice crystal facet roughness through SEM analysis
Megan Tegman Jeff Grinstead

Using high ambiguity driven docking (HADDOCK) to predict isoform-specific JAK2 inhibitors

Robyn Thomas Peter Hodum Forage fish as biological indicators of regional marine plastic pollution in Puget Sound
Erayeda Tschebotarjew Alia Clark Synthesizing a collection of VUF 8430 analogues to create a dynamic understanding of the histamine H4 receptor binding
Helen Tschurr Katherine Smith  Shadow Play: Gender Performativity in Medieval Law Told through the Cases of Joan of Arc, Henry VI of England, and Anne Boleyn
Jacqueline Van Ardenne Amanda Mifflin Investigation of the adsorption behavior of desferrioxamine-B with the hematite/water interface using second harmonic
Cameron Wallenbrock  Jeff Tepper  Early Eocene subduction volcanism in Central WA Cascades: Petrology and field relations on Taneum Formation 
Patrick Wallin Peter Hodum Assessing microplastics inside Benthic fish species on the Salish Sea
Max Washam Alyce DeMarais Regulation of apoptotic gene expression during zebrafish egg development by exposure to BPA and estrogren
Aedin Wright Steven Neshyba Investigating the educational effect of the intersection of polar data, flipped classroom, and CGI
Patrick Zimmerman Amy Spivey Modeling geometries to couple fluorescence from luminescent solar concentrators into fiber optic cables
Zoey Selby Siddharth Ramakrishnan Effect of Early Embryonic Exposure to SSRIs on the Developing GnRH Neuron System and Larval Behavior in Zebrafish
Olivia Sherman Elise Richman Oil Paintings: Reframing Ancient Roman Figurative Gesture Through Seleuze's Contemporary Aesthetics
Hailey Shoemaker Elise Richman A Visual Exploration of the Activist's Narrative and the Search for Purpose
Hunter Simpson Joel Elliott, Bryan Thines Effects of an Unidentified Oomycete Pathogen on the Roots of Eelgrass (Zostera Marina)
Mairan Smith Peter Wimberger Using Stable Isotopes to Determine Resources Partitioning and the Role of Anthropogenic Food Sources on Urban Populations of Seattle and North Tacoma Raccoons (Procyon Lotor) and Opposums (Didelphis Virginiana)
Sophie Soares Joel Elliott Effects of Temperature, Location, and Size on Wasting Disease in Pisaster Ochraceus and Evasterias Troschelii Found in Puget Sound, Washington
Matty Specht Rachel Pepper Determining the Benefits of Vorticella Rotational Behavior
Sloan Strader Tiffany MacBain The Diary of a White Ally in the Pacific Northwest
Kathryn Stutz Andrew Gardner Global Museum Networks: Connections Between Qatar and the West
Samantha Swain Megan Gessel Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Islet Amyoid Polypeptide in Model Membranes
Robyn Thomas Peter Hodum

Using Tufted Puffins (Fratercula Cirrhata) as Indicators of Marine Ecosystem Conditions

Samantha Tigner Brendan Lanctot The Central Union of Argentine Workers During Times of Political Charge Under President Macri
Helen Tschurr Katherine Smith Unwritten History: The Origins and Development of the British Constitution
Lauren Ulbricht Peter Wimberger Mercury Accumulation in the Red-Tailed Hawk (Buteo Jamaicensis) in the Pacific Northwest
Andrew Ustach Andreas Madlung Light Intensity and Sugar Metabolism and the Diurnal Rhythm of Sugar Production and Breakdown in Arabidopsis Suecica
Justin Wagers Garrett Milam Vocabulary as an Indicator of Credit Worthiness: An Analysis of Public Loan Data
Deanna Wilcox Joel Elliott Effect of Sea-Star Wasting Disease on Gull Food Preferences
Jack Williams Jung Kim Role of MMP-9 in Muscular Fibrosis Following Cardiotoxin-Induced Injury
Jeremy Wood Carrie Woods Examining the Effects of Microclimate Humidity and Temperature on Epiphyte Diversity Within Individual Tree Crowns of Acer Macrophyllum
Vladimir Yelkhimov John Hanson Investigating the Substrate Specificity of T4 and Hen Egg White Lysozymes