Successful Schools

Middlebury College
Middlebury is a college known for being environmentally innovative and is also one of Puget Sound's peer institutions making it a great source for a success story. This Web site was used to gather information on the laundry rack program that they started.

Tufts University
Tufts University has an amazing program called the Tufts Climate Institute (TCI). The Web site includes information on the university's carbon footprint as well as all the environmental initiatives going on around campus.

Dickinson University
Dickenson University has a Web site where the amount of energy at any moment being created by their solar panels is displayed.

A Summary of Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Middlebury College
A good reference when looking at the success story for Middlebury and viewing its positive affects in relation to Middlebury's carbon footprint.

Two Degrees Make a Big Difference: Midd68 Campaign
A useful online article about the positive affects of the Midd68 campaign

Hamilton College Residence Hall Receives LEED Silver Certification
AASHE is a 'member organization of colleges and universities working to advance sustainability in higher education.' This link is to a document which lists campus sustainability stories from the year 2006. It was incredibly helpful when looking up various stories, namely Hamilton's success story (which the link specifically directs us to), during this project.

Skenandoa House Goes Green
A fast and easy reference to facts about the renovation of Skenandoa House

Expeditionary Trip and Rental Center, University of Puget Sound
This Web site gives details about the new Bike Shop opening on the University of Puget Sound campus.

Oberlin's Sustainability Profile: Transportation
This Web site describes the success that Oberlin College has had in decreasing CO2 emissions due to transportation.

Tacoma Power
Puget Sound purchases its electricity from Tacoma Power. The breakdown of the types of energy that Tacoma Power provides was used to calculate the electricity footprint for Puget Sound.

Lewis and Clark College
This is a PowerPoint presentation about Lewis and Clark's carbon footprint and reduction efforts. The coefficients listed in this presentation were used to calculate carbon emissions.

Advanced Energy Systems
This is the Advanced Energy Systems Web site, where several solar panel projects are discussed, specifically the panels at Willamette University.

Average Electricity Emission Factors by State and Region
The US Department of Energy has a page dedicated to conversion factors to get you to the pounds and tons of CO2 resulting from energy usage. These were used to calculate Puget Sound's carbon emissions.

Keyes Energy Services
This Web site gives estimates to the amount of energy used by all the different home appliances.

Peterson's College Overview
This Web site provided us with the basic statistics on student population and the percent living on campus for Carleton, Oberlin, Lewis and Clark, and Tufts.

Oberlin Campus Map
This Web site provided us with an approximation of the number of buildings on campus.

Lewis and Clark Campus Map
This Web site provided us with an approximation of the number of buildings on campus.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
This Web site helps you figure out how much carbon you create based on where you live, how much you drive, and how much you fly.

Climate Projects at Other Colleges and Universities
The study compares the green house gas emissions at Oberlin, Tufts, Tulane, University of Colorado, and Lewis and Clark. These numbers are broken down by emission per student, emission per building, and total emissions.

Oberlin College: Climate Neutral by 2020, Executive Summary
This document begins by going over the inventory that that RMI took by looking at 9 buildings on Oberlin's campus and breaks it down in a few ways. The carbon footprint due to stationary sources for Oberlin was found here.

Carleton's Green House Gas Emissions at Carleton College
This document gives greenhouse emissions (due to stationary sources as well as other sources) for Carleton College.