Eco-Clamshells for All!!
The recommendation for the Puget Sound community from the success story at Eckerd College is for the implementation of a similar program here in our cafeteria. Making these environmentally friendly products available for use next to the traditional paper containers not only gives students and other cafeteria users this new sustainable option, but also forces them to think about the decisions that they are making as consumers.

This product is important both for the potential in waste reduction but also for the immense social marketing potential that it has. By presenting consumers with an alternative to the traditional we would be asking them to step out of their comfort zone and to take responsibility for what they are eating and how they are eating it.

To explore the potential of this program here at Puget Sound, it can be implemented via a pilot program that student faculty and staff can sign up for and then report on their feelings. The containers could be located in a location in the cafeteria space where students could pick them up and take them to their desired station to be filled with food. For this program to be successful there would have to be the full support of the dinning and conference services staff.