Townsend's Mole

Townsend’s Mole

  • Size up to 3/8 lb, largest mole in North America.
  • Diet earthworms and some insects, dental formula 3-1-4-3/3-1-4-3.
  • Common in moist soil, especially river bottoms, wooded areas, even city lawns throughout the city and county, but rarely seen because they are underground burrow dwellers.
  • Dig burrows with long claws on large front feet.  
  • Mounds of excess soil from tunnels are visible evidence of moles.
  • Foraging tunnels close to surface, while permanent tunnels and chambers used for living quarters deeper.
  • Extremely sensitive to vibration felt through the ground, eyes and ears reduced and of limited use.
  • Fur short and velvetlike to aid in slipping through earth as they tunnel.