American Voices: Invisibility, Art, and Educational Justice

A Series of Residencies and Public Presentations

The Race and Pedagogy Initiative, with support of the Catharine Gould Chism Fund, is proud to present an interdisciplinary series of events that features educators, scholars, artists, and activists whose work stimulates critical intellectual engagement about issues of racial justice and educational reform, pushing the boundaries of civic and political consciousness with non-traditional voices and representation.  The series is titled “American Voices:  Invisibility, Art, and Educational Justice” and grounds artistic presentation in complexities, challenges, and critical change efforts that mark public education across the nation and in our local communities.

The series will feature and connect the work of four visiting scholars through public presentations, class visits, workshops, and conversation sessions.  Dr. Thelma Jackson, an educational transformation theorist, will serve as a Lead Educator/Scholar-in-Residence.  She will generate a concept paper that functions as a conjunct framework for artistic presentations by three other Chism artists-in-residence.  Each presentation will provide a unique and different artistic expression aimed at raising awareness and community engagement around issues of diversity, representation, and social justice.  In collaboration with Dr. Jackson, the Chism residencies will highlight three subthemes: 

  • Education and Criminal Justice  (Artist-in-Residence:  Paul Rucker, Public Presentation February 25, 2013)
  • Multicentriçism: A fresh and new way of perceiving diverse, complex, and changing dynamics in our environment.  (Artist-in-Residence:  Dr. Chiyuki Shannon, Public Presentation March 26, 2013)
  • New Faces, New Voices:  The Role of Youth in Educational Justice  (Artist-in-Residence:  Walidah Imarisha, Public Presentation April 25, 2013)

 he structure for the Race & Pedagogy Chism Series is built on successful models which engage artists in work that responds to both the content of social justice issues and the community voices that reflect the diverse understanding and responses to these issues. 

For more information about the “American Voices:  Invisibility, Art, and Educational Justice” series, please contact the Race & Pedagogy Initiative, 253.879.2435, or visit our website at