Achievement Gap Summits

By building alliances throughout the university and the community, we collaborate with individuals, groups, and organizations to research, develop, promote, celebrate, and support programs that will help to reduce inequities of race in education.

The Race and Pedagogy Institute is an incubator, catalyst, and agent for programs to create equity in the local K-12 schools and higher education. We aspire to pattern remedies to the achievement gap and extrapolate them to schools throughout the country. Consistent with the university’s commitment to civic scholarship and long-standing Access to College pipeline program, the Race & Pedagogy Institute brings intellectual assets of the campus into mutual and reciprocal partnership with local experience and expertise.

The national debate on diversity reveals the complexities of racism in its traditional and contemporary forms. Engaging race requires critical attention to interrelated intellectual, social, political, cultural, and economic dynamics.

University of Puget Sound, inclusive of its Race & Pedagogy Institute, holds a mission to prepare students as informed citizens in a complex world where they pay attention to race and racism in all its manifestations. RPI’s strategy weaves together scholarship and action to reduce racism and improve pedagogical practices at all educational levels to stop students becoming victims of the achievement gap and to build student success. Teaching and learning on and beyond the campus are aimed at transformation of the systems and structures of knowledge production as well as at the transmission of knowledge and information itself.

RPI will develop ongoing processes for individuals as teachers and learners to recognize and address personal and structural racism; establish processes to examine how racism threatens our ongoing work; and ensure the stability and permanence of such changes.