Scholarship and Action

Scholarship and Action

University President Ron Thomas, “We saw a model of the civically engaged campus... a model of Puget Sound functioning as intellectual asset for the region on issues of national significance.... the kind of partnerships with the community on matters of importance ....”

2006 National Conference

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On September 14-16, 2006 the university hosted the Race and Pedagogy National Conference on its campus. Rooted in organized, ongoing campus discussions on Race and Pedagogy since 2002 the conference grew out of two years of sustained planning by faculty, staff, students, and community partners.

The conference brought together local, national, and international scholars, students, and activists to confront inequality and discrimination in education and to seek solutions. The central question for the conference was how to facilitate the productive engagement of race as an inescapable feature of pedagogical practices.

Tacoma News Tribune editor described the conference as an “urgent dialogue on race.”  The urgency was premised on a “disconnect between many minority students and academics”  seen as “one of the greatest problems facing the South Sound, the state, and the nation” and “a catastrophic waste of human capital.” 

“UPS Can Take Pride in Conference on Race” is the way the News Tribune titled Sam Chandler’s opinion, published, October 1, 2006. According to Chandler, “The “Race and Pedagogy National Conference” recently held on campus was a tremendous statement, especially in these times when the need for personal refinement and clarity of our thinking, learning and moral compass is paramount.” Chandler concluded his assessment of the Conference with thanks to the “UPS community for being courageous, deliberate, timely and prescient.”