Provost's Office

The academic program at the University of Puget Sound takes great pride in its excellent teaching that is both challenging and accessible, we offer more than 50 areas of study, advance wide-ranging experiential learning opportunities, and collaboratively partner with Student Affairs to fully develop student learning across our residential campus.  We’re a leading institution for Fulbright awards for students, a highly ranked school in terms of graduate school placement, especially in the sciences, and we have several well-regarded graduate programs—in Education, OT, and PT—that deliver vital training for the region. Next year, we’ll launch a new graduate program, the Master in Public Health.

Our faculty are remarkable researchers, scholars, and artists, as our annual Celebration of Creative Inquiry attests. The Princeton Review notes that our faculty-student interaction is some of the best in the nation.  We are one of only 40 Colleges That Change Lives.  And we believe that—that we change lives—I invite you to join us at the University of Puget Sound, where our intellectual, creative, and experiential vibrancy will lead you, as our motto says, to the heights!


Laura L. Behling, Ph.D.Laura L. Behling, Ph.D.

Kylee Arnold
Assistant to the Provost

Office of the Associate Deans

The Office of the Associate Deans will be working with faculty, staff, and students remotely throughout Spring 2021. Our office is open Monday through Fridays from 8am - 5pm ,and closed from 12pm - 1pm. Please get in touch with us at

Office of the Associate Deans staff members will have limited on-campus availability during this time as follows:

  • Mondays, 9am – noon: Sunil Kukreja in Jones 212
  • Tuesdays, 10am – 2pm: Kaity Peake in Jones 212
  • Thursdays, 9am – 1pm: Theresa Williams-Chow in Jones 212
  • Thursdays, 11am – 3pm: Julie Christoph, in Howarth 109 (CWLT)

Julie Christoph, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Point of contact regarding:
 curriculum, academic budget, temporary full-time faculty hiring, academic technology

Renee Houston, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Point of contact regarding: University enrichment (faculty/student grants and research awards), experiential learning, civic scholarship, academic-residential initiatives

Sunil Kukreja, Ph.D.
Associate Dean and Dean of Graduate Studies
Point of contact regarding: Academic standards (academic honesty, grade disputes), faculty office assignments, academic remodeling, graduate programs

Kaity Peake
Assistant Dean for Operations & Technology
Point of contact regarding: course scheduling, Summer Term, Bulletin publishing, academic technology functional liaison

Jimmy McMichael
Records and Computer Specialist
Point of contact regarding:
department website/publications, Faculty Senate and standing committees support, IRB proposals

Theresa Williams-Chow
Administrative Specialist
Point of contact regarding: all other questions; Daedalus; faculty contracts for adjuncts, summer session, and overloads; academic lectures; adjunct faculty evaluations; Tacoma Art Museum partnership


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