Fellowships & Scholarships

Spring 2021 Update

The Fellowships advisor will continue to work with students in a remote capacity. To connect directly with the Fellowships Office via email, or to schedule a virtual advising appointment, contact kdelaney@pugetsound.edu.


We serve students by providing information and support to help them develop outstanding applications to be competitive for local and national scholarships.

The philosophy and mission of the office focus on encouraging independence while assisting students in realizing their academic potential, facilitating the application process in their desired areas, and supporting the overall academic mission of the university.

Congratulations to our 2020/2021 Awardees!

Emily Weight '21

CBYX for Young Professionals - Germany

Zoe Maalouf '20

 Critical Language Scholarship - Alternate - Chinese (Mandarin)

Marleen Pan '20 

 Critical Language Scholarship - Alternate - Chinese (Mandarin)

Jaylen Antoine '22 Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship
Amy Colliver '20

Fulbright Scholarship - Research- India - Finalist

Samantha Lilly '19 Fulbright Scholarship -Research- Argentina - Finalist
 Audrey Regan '19 

Fulbright Scholarship - Study - UK - Alternate 

Emma Weirich '20

Fulbright Scholarship - Research - Zambia - Alternate

Zoe Welch '21

Fulbright Scholarship - English Teaching Assistant - Germany -Finalist

Malcolm Willig '21 Fulbright Scholarship - English Teaching Assistant - Taiwan - Finalist
Olivia Babcock '22

Gilman Scholarship

Carly Cashen '21

Spanish Language and Culture Assistant/CIEE - Madrid 

James Kelloway '18

English Teaching Fellowship - Taiwan Ministry of Education & Fulbright Taiwan

Kyra Zapf '21 Watson Fellowship


We are very proud of our students!

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