Appointment Policies

Scheduling Appointments

A student may schedule only two appointments each for writing and tutoring in a single week unless the student has special permission from the Director of the Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching. If we have openings, a student who has already had two appointments may take an appointment on a "drop-in" basis or through the wait-list.

Students may not schedule two or more consecutive appointments; that is, you are welcome to schedule two appointments during a week, but those cannot be in a single two-hour block.

If you need to cancel your appointment, it is recommended that you do so three hours in advance. Please call 253.879.3404 or send an email to During midterms and finals, appointments should be cancelled 24 hours in advance and may be treated as a no-show if proper notice is not given. We often have more requests than we can possibly accommodate with appointments, so it is important to be courteous to your fellow students.

Holding Appointments

We can only hold your appointments for 10 minutes unless you let us know in advance that you’re going to be late. After 10 minutes, we'll call the first person on the wait list.

Missed Appointments

If you are a "no show" for more than two appointments in a semester, you will not be able to make appointments until you reactivate your account successfully. There are a limited number of appointments every day at the CWLT, and we want to ensure that those appointment times are used. If you have two no-shows in the same semester and would like to continue using the CWLT in this or future semesters, you will need to send an email to the CWLT interim director, Rachael Shelden (, explaining the reason for your no-shows and requesting continued access to CWLT appointments. You will be blocked from making future appointments at the CWLT until your email has been responded to by the director.

If you cannot make an appointment, call us, leaving a voicemail if no one answers (253.879.3404) or send us an email ( at least three hours in advance.

Alumni Appointments

Current University of Puget Sound students have priority for appointments, but University of Puget Sound alumni are welcome to make appointments at the CWLT to work with a faculty member on refining a personal statement or other materials for post-graduate fellowship and scholarship applications.

Take-Home Exams

We do not review take-home exams except in special circumstances.