Wednesdays at 4: Spring 2014


Faculty are invited to join us for conversation and appetizers at our weekly sessions of Wednesdays at 4 at the CWLT.

February 5—Building Our Conference:  Faculty, Staff, Students, and the 2014 National Race and Pedagogy Conference

Dexter Gordon (African American Studies and Communication Studies)
Grace Livingston (African American Studies)
Julie Christoph (English and CWLT)
Lori Ricigliano (Library)

Chair: Fred Hamel (Education)

link to 2014 conference Call for Proposals

February 12—Why We Assign Presentations (and What We Do)
hosted by the Informal Committee on Teaching

Dan Burgard (Chemistry)
Bill Kupinse (English)
Paula Wilson (Business and Leadership)

Chair:  Pepa Lago-Grana (Hispanic Studies)

handout: Paula Wilson's presentation grading rubric

February 19—Convictions and Teaching Styles

Rhonda and Douglas “Jake” Jacobsen (Swope lecturers, Messiah College)
Robin Jacobson (Politics and Government)
Czarina Ramsay (Multicultural Student Services)

Facilitator: Dave Wright (Spirituality and Justice, Chaplain)

handout: Convictions and Teaching Styles

February 26—Engaging Diversity: Imagining Teaching and the Knowledge, Identity, and Power Proposal

Peter Hodum (Biology)
Brett Rogers (Classics)
Jennifer Utrata (Sociology and Anthropology)
John Woodward (Education)

Chair: Suzanne Holland (Religion)

handout: Brett Rogers's ideas toward a KNOW syllabus on Myth

March 5—Have a Life: Talking about the Busyness Culture
This week: Sessions at 9AM and 4PM!

Facilitators: Renée Houston (Communication Studies) and Sarah Moore (Psychology)

March 26: Fostering Engagement in Student Presentations and Discussions

Alisa Kessel (Politics and Government)
Brett Rogers (Classics)
Amy Spivey (Physics)
Bianca Wolf (Communication Studies)

Moderator: Geoff Proehl (Theatre Arts)

April 2: Updates From Puget Sound NW5C Participants

Sunil Kukreja (Sociology and Anthropology/Associate Dean)
Emelie Peine (International Political Economy)
Monica DeHart (Sociology and Anthropology)
Julie Christoph (English and CWLT)

Chair: Kena Fox-Dobbs (Geology)

April 9: Senior Theses at Puget Sound: Learning from Each Other and from Our Writing Across the Curriculum Assessment

Julie Neff-Lippman (Emerita English and CWLT)
Matt Pickard (Mathematics)

Chair: Martin Jackson (Mathematics and Associate Dean)

April 16: Reflecting on the SSI2s

Nick Brody (Communication Studies)
Peggy Burge (Library)
Tiffany MacBain (English)
Elise Richman (Art and Art History)
Alexa Tullis (Biology)

Chair: Bill Barry (Classics)

April 23: Celebrating Scholarly and Creative Accomplishment by Puget Sound Faculty and Staff