Meet our Writing Advisors

Spring 2018

To make an appointment, drop by Howarth 109, call 253.879.3404, or complete this form.

Drop-in hours for writing are Sunday-Thursday, 3-4 p.m. 

Thesis Hour & GRE Hour Are Sundays 2-3 p.m. Contact for more info! 


Isabel Amaya

Hi! My name is Isabel and I'm originally from Chicago, Illinois. This year, I’m a senior finishing up my Politics and Government major along with two minors in Economics and Global Development Studies. I’m quite fond of coffee, eggs, and socialism. In my free time you can find me on the lacrosse field, in the library, or in Diversions. I love interdisciplinary topics and academia in general, so stop by and let's chat about your papers!


T 2-4pm, W 2pm-4pm (3-4 drop-in hour), Th 1-2 & 3-4pm

Majors:  Politics and Government

Other emphases: Economics & Global Development Studies


Isabelle Anderson

Hi, I’m a senior from Portland, Oregon, pursuing my fervid capitalist dreams by majoring in English and Chemistry. In my spare time I enjoy running, volunteering at the Washington Corrections Center for Women and reading the dictionary to the cats that come to my door. I live off a diet of 100% tea and jam and CWLT candy, so stop by if you want to snack with me or to talk about your essays and lab reports.


Sun 2-4pm, M 9-11am, W 9-11am, Th 7-9pm

Majors:  Chemistry and English


Lilly Bengtson

Hello! I'm a senior from Portland, Oregon, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. This is my second year at the CWLT, and I'm incredibly excited to spend another year sharing my love of prewriting with the good people of Puget Sound. When I'm not at the Center, you can often find me sitting in the front room of the library for hours at a time, baking cookies in my kitchen, or out hiking around the beautiful Pacific Northwest. If you're interested in helping me drink copious amounts of CWLT tea, discussing any dogs you've seen on campus lately, or possibly talking about your upcoming essay, please stop by and say hi!


M 7-9pm, T 9-11am, Th 5-7pm 

Major: Psychology

Other emphasis: Spanish


Zoë Branch

Hello! My name is Zoë and I'm a senior double major in French and English from Denver, Colorado. I'm excited to be working at the CWLT this year as both a French tutor and a Writing Advisor because it means that I get to talk and think about my two favorite things (French and English) all the time! When I'm not geeking out about academics, you can find me drinking coffee and/or eating hummus just about anywhere on campus. Please stop by to see with me, whether you have a question about grammar or just want to talk about ideas!


M 1-3pm, M 9am-noon, T 9-11am & 6-9pm, W 6-7pm & 8-9pm, Th 10-11am, 6-7pm (French conversation hour in NW lounge, Thomas Hall)

Majors: French and English 


Amanda Diaz

Hi! My name is Amanda Díaz and I am a senior here at UPS. I created my own major between the disciplines of Politics and Government, Latino/a Studies and Sociology/Anthropology. This American Studies major explores the importance of race/ethnic politics, narratives, knowledge/power, and their relationship to questions of law, immigration, and national politics in the Americas. I am also humbled to say that I will be your ASUPS President! You will be able to find me in Wheelock 210 or in the CWLT trying to make our campus a more equitable, inclusive, and justice-oriented space. I am passionate about helping people, not only with finding their voice, their identity, and their passions, but also with being confident and proud of the person they are. I’m looking forward to meeting you!


M 10-11am, T 11am-noon, W 1-2pm, Th 11am-noon, F 10-11am 

Major: American Studies: Politics and Government, Latino/a Studies and Sociology/Anthropology


Jordan Fonseca, Peer Academic Consultant

Hello!  I am a senior math and physics double major returning for my third and final year at the CWLT.  I've worked in the Center as both a Writing Adviser and Subject Tutor in the past, and I'm thrilled to be serving in both those capacities full-time this year.  I believed I was a poor academic writer for the majority of my high school career and still think that writing is a really challenging process despite having the potential to be both rewarding and empowering.  Having taken ten physics classes at UPS as of last year, I can personally attest to the tendency of the subject material to befuddle and the math to be difficult; however, I'm always excited to talk about the many beautiful and useful applications of physics.  One of the cool roles I see myself having as a tutor and Writing Adviser is the interest and context to work on making technical writing accessible and clear.


Sun 1-2, 2-3 (GRE hour) & 3-4pm, M 6-8pm, W 6-9pm, Th 3-4 (drop-in hour) & 4-5pm

Majors: Physics and Math


Tiare Gill, Peer Academic Consultant

Hello and welcome to the CWLT!  I am a senior with a major in Biology and a minor in Environmental Policy & Decision Making.  I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, but am excited that I have the opportunity to get to know the beauty of Washington.  Both states have really nourished my love for the outdoors and have been huge inspirations in my art, writing, and other hobbies.  Additionally, this will be my third year as a Resident Assistant (my home is 2nd floor Seward), and my fourth year volunteering at the Slater Museum of Natural History here on campus.  I would love to hear about your experiences and hopes for this upcoming year, so please do not hesitate to stop into the Center!


Sun 1-2, 2-3pm (Thesis hour), T noon-2pm & 6-9pm, Th noon-3pm

Major: Biology 
Other Emphasis: Environmental Policy & Decision Making


Alia Kabir

Hi! My name is Alia and I’m a junior from Oakland, CA, majoring in Economics and Math. I spend most of my spare time petting dogs around campus, drinking coffee, and attempting to climb wet Washington rocks. Stop by if you want to talk about papers or if you’re in search of a climbing partner!


M 4-6pm, T 4-6pm, W 9-11am 

Major: Economics and Math


Hannah Katz

Hi! My name is Hannah, and I am a senior Communication Studies major with minors in African American Studies and Spanish. I’m originally from the Bay Area and have loved spending my time in the Pacific Northwest the past three years. When I’m not in Diversions, you can find me singing in the What She Said a cappella group, giving tours to visiting students, and trying to embody the spirit of Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. I am so excited to work with you on anything and everything at the Writing Center!


M 11am-1pm, T 3-4 (drop-in hour) & 5-6pm, Th 4-6pm
Major: Communication Studies

Other emphases: African American Studies and Spanish


Will Keyse

Hello Fellow Logger! My name is Will Keyse, I'm a sophomore Politics and Government Major/Spanish minor from Denver, CO. This is my first year working at the CWLT, and when I'm not delving into the craft of writing, I'm probably justifying eating for a fourth or fifth time of the day to myself, wandering to the various corners of the state in search of nature, or watching yet another episode of How I Met Your Mother. Swing by the center for questions on your writing or if you want to nerd-out over some Lord of the Rings!


M 3-4 (drop-in hour) & 4-5pm, W 6-8pm, Th 7-9pm
Major: Politics and Government

Other emphases: Spanish


Rachael Laitila

My name is Rachael Laitila and I am going to be a Junior during the 2017-2018 year. I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington and am a Politics and Government / International Political Economy major. My favorite color is Green which makes sense because I am super passionate about sustainability especially within my community!


abroad in Spring 2018
Major: Politics and Government, International Political Economy


Amy Luong, Graduate Writing Advisor

Hello! I am a Puget Sound alum from Class of 2015 and majored in Exercise Science and Spanish. Originally from Portland, OR, I am truly a child of the PNW. I enjoy playing volleyball, watching soccer, hiking, exploring new places, enjoying a good cup of coffee, and traveling. I used to be a Spanish Peer Tutor at the CWLT and am excited to return as a Graduate Writing Advisor. Please don't hesitate to stop by!


M 10am-noon, T 11am-noon

Program: Doctorate of Physical Therapy 

 Annie Lamar

Annie Lamar

Hello! My name is Annie Lamar. I am from Orange County, California and am a Classical Languages major with a Mathematics and Computer Science double minor. When I'm not studying or tutoring, I can be find fueling my tea addiction at tea shops around Tacoma or exploring used bookstores. I also enjoy backpacking, trail running, and reading Harry Potter in ancient Greek! I look forward to working with you in the Center!


M 11am-1 & 3-5pm, Th 11am-1pm 

Majors: Classical Languages

Other emphases: Mathematics and Computer Science double minor


Lura Morton

Hi! My name is Lura Morton and I'm from the grand potato state of Idaho (actually the gem state). I am a comparative politics and religious studies double-major. I am passionate about the Middle East, the Arabic language, and diplomacy. When I'm not fan-girling about Middle East studies, you can find me on the soccer field with the rest of the fabulous UPS women's soccer team. I look forward to seeing you in the CWLT!


Abroad in Spring 2018

Majors: Comparative Politics and Religious Studies

Sophie Myers, Peer Academic Consultant

Hi! I’m a senior from Nampa, Idaho. I am studying English and education in hopes of becoming either a teacher or a rock star (or both). My passions include eating Tillamook Mudslide ice cream, picking lilacs, and making music. Stop by if you’d like to talk about writing, reading, or roller-skating!


M 2-4pm, T 11am-2pm, W 1-4pm Th 6-7pm, F 1-2pm 

Majors: English and Education 


Max Tapogna

Hello! I am sophomore from Portland, Oregon planning to pursue studies in English and the performing arts. My passions include reading, biking, and watching the Laurence Olivier monologue from the end of Henry V on YouTube over and over again.  Please come by to the CWLT, I look forward to working with you!


S 4-6pm, M noon-2pm, F noon-2pm

Major: Undeclared


Sarah Walling-Bell

Hello! I’m a Sophomore origionally from Fairbanks, Alaska. I’m planning to major in Computer Science, with minors in African American Studies and Neuroscience. When not in the Center I spend a lot of my time involved in and learning from various groups on campus including ASUPS (as a senator), the Advocates for Detained Voices club, and the Race and Pedagogy student club. I really look forward to meeting you, and hearing how I can best support you at the Center!


Sun 2-3 & 3-4pm (drop-in hour), Th 9-11am, F noon-2pm 

Majors: undeclared

Writing Center Faculty

Faculty consultants work with students who are writing personal statements for post-graduate opportunities such as graduate school, professional school, or post-graduate fellowships.

  • Pierre Ly, Associate Professor of International Political Economy
    "I love that helping students with their applications means I get to chat with them extensively about their life, experiences, and future goals. I enjoy the variety of perspectives they bring and I learn so much from them!"
    Hours: T 11am-noon, W 10am-noon, 2-4pm
  • Renee Simms, Assistant Professor of African American Studies
    "What I like most is offering feedback that helps a student realize the potential that I see in their draft. As writers, we tend to lose sight of what’s working after several revisions. That’s where another reader is useful. I get to say, “Wow, this is so close. I see what you’re doing and with more evidence and figuring out a thesis, this statement will be really good!”"
    Hours: M 4-6pm
  • Julie Nelson Christoph, CWLT Director and Professor of English, by appointment