Meet our Writing Advisors

Spring 2019

To make an appointment, drop by Howarth 109, call 253.879.3404, or complete this form.

Drop-in hours for writing are Sunday-Thursday, 3-4 p.m. 
Contact for more info! 


Chris Andersen

Chris Andersen

Hello! I am a junior majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Mathematics who is originally from southern California. In my free time, I love playing music, running, and hanging out with friends. I spend much of my time in Thompson these days, but don’t let that dissuade you from coming to me about any papers or projects you are working on. As your writing advisor, I aim to help you surpass your writing goals in any class you take! I also have a strong passion for music and poetry, so if you ever want to talk symphonies, musical theater, or your favorite poets, feel free to stop by!


Sun noon-2pm, M 6-8pm, W 11am-noon, F 9-10am

Major:  Molecular and Cellular Biology

Other emphasis: Mathematics

 Tomicia Blunt

Tomicia Blunt

Hi! My name is Tomicia Blunt, my pronouns are she/her/hers and I am a sophomore from San Francisco, CA. I am majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Business. I plan on changing the media industry by making spaces for new narratives and improving representation for marginalized people. I am interested in dogs, fashion, art, music and their influence in culture. If you see me around campus, I’d love to talk about a new alt-R&B song that dropped, 80’s movies, even Rihanna’s FENTY collection. Catch me in Diversions or the library and let’s chat about interdisciplinary academia, equity, or what’s new in pop culture!


M 9-11am, 6-7pm, T 6-7, 7-8pm (Diversions piano lounge drop-in hour), W 6-7pm

Major:  Communication Studies
Other emphasis: Business


Indigo DaCosta

Indigo DaCosta

Hi! I’m Indigo, and two fun facts about me are (1) that I chose my own name and (2) that in high school, I was prom queen. I’m a boy now but still a queen. I love traveling and have just returned from PacRim, but I also love staying at home and coming up with as many variations of one cookie recipe as I can. For me writing is another kind of recipe, one of form and content. Stop by if you want to talk about writing, PacRim/study abroad, or cookies!


M 5-7pm, T 2-4pm, F 10am-noon 

Major: English, Asian Studies


 Ayse Hunt

Ayse Hunt

Hi! My name is Ayse and I'm a senior from Seattle, WA. I am double majoring in computer science and art history and minoring in math. I am a music nerd, a chocolate enthusiast, and I like outdoor adventures! In my free time, you can find me studying in Oppenheimer, watching Tasty videos, or planning my next trip to the Proctor Farmer's Market. I look forward to working with you!


Sun 6-7 & 7-8pm (Diversions piano lounge drop-in hour), W 2-3 & 3-4pm (drop-in)

Majors: Computer Science and Art History

Other emphasis: Math

 Alia Kabir

Alia Kabir

Hi! My name is Alia and I’m a senior from Oakland, CA, majoring in Economics and Math. I spend most of my spare time petting dogs around campus, drinking coffee, and attempting to climb wet Washington rocks. Stop by if you want to talk about papers or if you’re in search of a climbing partner!


M 1-3pm, W 1-3pm, Th 4-6pm

Majors: Economics and Math


Will Keyse

Will Keyse, Peer Academic Consultant

Hello Fellow Logger! My name is Will Keyse, I'm a junior Politics and Government Major/Spanish minor from Denver, CO. This is my first year working at the CWLT, and when I'm not delving into the craft of writing, I'm probably justifying eating for a fourth or fifth time of the day to myself, wandering to the various corners of the state in search of nature, or watching yet another episode of How I Met Your Mother. Swing by the center for questions on your writing or if you want to nerd-out over some Lord of the Rings!


Study abroad Spring 2019

Major: Politics and Government
Other emphasis: Spanish

 Gabrielle Kolb

Gabrielle Kolb

Hello! My name is Gabrielle, and I am a Politics and Government major from Minnesota. I just returned from a nine-month study abroad across Asia, so in addition to working here at the Center, I am also on the hunt for some green tea kit kats. Some days I am excited to tackle college, and other days I just want to spend lounging around while eating popcorn and watching bad reality television. Whatever kind of day you are having when you come to the CWLT, I hope I can help you make the best of it and tackle all the writing goals you have.


M 4-6pm, T 4-6pm, W 7-9pm 

Major: Politics and Government

Other emphases: Religious Studies, Asian Studies

 Rachael Laitila

Rachael Laitila

My name is Rachael Laitila and I am a senior. I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington and am a Politics and Government / International Political Economy major. My favorite color is Green which makes sense because I am super passionate about sustainability especially within my community!


Sun noon-1pm, 7-8 (Diversions piano lounge drop-in hour) & 8-9pm, T 7-9pm, W 9-10am
Major: Politics and Government, International Political Economy

 Annie Lamar

Annie Lamar, Peer Academic Consultant

Hello! My name is Annie Lamar. I am from Orange County, California and am a Classical Languages major with a Mathematics and Computer Science double minor. When I'm not studying or tutoring, I can be find fueling my tea addiction at tea shops around Tacoma or exploring used bookstores. I also enjoy backpacking, trail running, and reading Harry Potter in ancient Greek! I look forward to working with you in the Center!


M 11am-1pm, T 2-4pm, Th 9am-noon & 2-3pm, F 11am-noon & 2-3pm 

Major: Classical Languages

Other emphases: Mathematics and Computer Science double minor


Bethany Llewellyn

Hi!  My name is Bethany Llewellyn and I'm a sophomore Biology major from Corvallis, Oregon.  I feel most fulfilled in the outdoors and can often be found trail running in Point D or making spontaneous trips to Mt. Rainier.  I play on Clearcut, the UPS women's ultimate frisbee team, and I'm deeply passionate about baking, cooking, snacking, and basically anything to do with food.  Come talk to me about travel, Calvin and Hobbes, or SUB hacks!  It's my first year in the Center and I'd love to work on any kind of writing, from literary analysis to stats papers.  Excited to meet you!


T 3-4 (drop-in) & 4-5pm, W 1-3pm, Th 9-11am 

Major: Biology


 Lura Morton

Lura Morton

Hi! My name is Lura Morton and I'm from the grand potato state of Idaho (actually the gem state). I am a comparative politics and religious studies double-major. I am passionate about the Middle East, the Arabic language, and diplomacy. When I'm not fan-girling about Middle East studies, you can find me on the soccer field with the rest of the fabulous UPS women's soccer team. I look forward to seeing you in the CWLT!


M 10am-1pm, T 11am-noon, W 10-11am, Th 7-8pm (Diversions piano lounge drop-in hour)

Majors: Comparative Politics and Religious Studies

Ali O'Daffer

Ali O'Daffer

Hi! I'm Ali, a senior from Sammamish, Washington majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology/Anthropology and an emphasis in Bioethics. I'm so excited to get to work with Psych majors and students across all disciplines this year to help improve their writing skills! I am passionate about health psychology, LGBTQ+ rights, and body positivity. When I'm not at the CWLT, you can find me pouring lattes at Diversions, stopping traffic to admire Mt. Rainier or volunteering as a teacher for Yoga Club. I look forward to meeting you and hearing how I can best support you through the Center!


Sun 4-5 (Thesis hour) & 5-6pm, M 1-3pm, Th 2-4pm

Major: Psychology

Other emphases: Sociology/Anthropology and Bioethics


Elise Quiggins

Elise Quiggins

Hi, my name is Elise! But some people just call me Quiggs. I’m a junior majoring in History, though I also have a love for music and the outdoors. I’m from Beaverton (or Niketown), just outside of Portland, OR. A lot of my time is spent running, reading, concocting fun recipes to cook, and doing yoga. I also sing in Dorians and play piano. I have a passion for helping people and love writing, so come by and say hi, whether it’s to talk through a tough essay, or just to chat about running and your favorite things to cook!


T 5-7pm, Th 1-3 & 3-4pm (drop-in)

Major: History

 Jake Redmond

Jake Redmond

Hello all, my name is Jake Redmond and I am a senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics. I'm originally from Arizona, and when I'm not in class I'm probably over in Thompson or listening to music. Feel free to talk to me about papers, and I look forward to working with you all!


2-4pm, M 3-5pm

Majors: Computer Science and Math

 Max Tapogna

Max Tapogna

Hello! I am junior from Portland, Oregon planning to pursue studies in English and the performing arts. My passions include reading, biking, and watching the Laurence Olivier monologue from the end of Henry V on YouTube over and over again.  Please come by to the CWLT, I look forward to working with you!


Sun 3-4 (drop-in) & 4-5pm, T noon-2pm, Th 7-9pm 

Major: Theatre

Other emphases: Music



Sarah Walling-Bell

Sarah Walling-Bell

Hi! I’m a Junior from Fairbanks, Alaska majoring in Computer Science with minors in Neuroscience and African American Studies. In addition to my studies, I spend a lot of my time involved in and learning from the Advocates for Detained Voices and Student Association for the Race and Pedagogy Institute clubs.  I also relish winter hot-tubbing with dear friends, befriending cats, and procrastinating work with thought-provoking conversations. I really look forward to meeting you, and hearing how I can best support you at the Center!


M 3-4 (drop-in) & 4-5pm, T 9-11am, W 7-8pm (Diversions piano lounge drop-in hour), Th 11am-noon

Major: Computer Science

Other emphases: Neuroscience, African American Studies


Writing Center Faculty 

Faculty consultants work with students who are writing personal statements for post-graduate opportunities such as graduate school, professional school, or post-graduate fellowships.

Pierre Ly, Associate Professor of International Political Economy
"I love that helping students with their applications means I get to chat with them extensively about their life, experiences, and future goals. I enjoy the variety of perspectives they bring and I learn so much from them!"
Hours: W 2-4pm, Th 4-5pm (adding after Spring Break: T 4-5pm, W 11am-noon)

Regina Duthely, Assistant Professor of English
Regina Duthely specializes in Black feminist digital rhetorics. Her research uses Black feminist readings of popular culture and Black women’s digital rhetorics to argue that the use of (dis)respectability politics in the public sphere is a means of liberation for Black women. At Puget Sound Regina Duthely teaches courses on digital rhetoric and writing, and scholarly seminars focused on the relationship between technology, language, and power.
Hours: Th 3-5pm (adding after Spring Break: M 11am-2pm, Th 2-5pm)

Rachael Shelden, CWLT Interim Director, by appointment