Register for the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam

Thank you for your interest in the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam, one of several options you have to fulfill Puget Sound's foreign language graduation requirement. Incoming Loggers have the opportunity to take the exam during New Student Orientation with their orientation group (i.e. Maroon or White) and thereby test out of the required language courses at the university.

Before you register, you should know that the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam is not a placement test; faculty academic advisors help place students into the appropriate level of foreign language classes at Puget Sound. Likewise, the exam does not fulfill departmental language requirements or convey credit. Again, please speak with your academic advisor for assistance selecting the appropriate class if your intended major requires foreign language study.

As such, while the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam is open to all Puget Sound students, it is not the best option for everyone. Students who successfully pass the exam have at least intermediate language skills and are able to communicate fluently on a range of everyday topics; typically, this means they have had either 3-4 years of high-level high school coursework in the language, have studied abroad for a significant period of time, or are a native speaker of the language. If this sounds like you, and you don't plan on continuing your language study, check the appropriate box(es) below, and then register for a test date during orientation week!

If you cannot check any of the boxes below based on your experience level, we suggest that you skip this form and enroll in a foreign language course.

CWLT Foreign Language Proficiency Exam Registration 2019-20

CWLT Foreign Language Proficiency Exam Registration 2019-20