Spring 2021 Reading Period and Finals Support

While we will still have our regular one-on-one appointments available during reading period and finals week, we also have specialized support during this time! Check this page regularly for updates on the Writing Marathon and on review sessions. All of our tutors are working their normally scheduled hours during finals week unless they have a final during that time - any changes are listed below. All times listed are in PST. The CWLT will be open until 9pm PST on Wednesday, May 12.

Click the image below to view the whole Writing Marathon poster! 

Virtual Writing Marathon

We will be offering a virtual Writing Marathon this semester on Monday, May 3 and Tuesday, May 4 from 5-10 pm PST. Submit your papers to the google form below at any time before 10pm PST on Tuesday to be guaranteed at least a 30-minute asynchronous reading from a writing advisor. Because these are short readings of a paper as opposed to our typical 50-minute writing appointments, we are asking that you list specific feedback you are looking for on the google form. Your paper will be assigned to a writing advisor in the order that it was received, and the feedback will be emailed back to you. Feel free to submit your papers early, the form is open! You are allowed to submit a paper as many times as you want and multiple papers from different classes. We will also have one-on-one appointment availability for writing during the Marathon.

Thanks for submitting your papers to the writing marathon! We'll see you next semester. check out our review sessions below!

Schedule Changes

  • Accounting & Finance
    • Cyrus Shafiei: Sunday May 9 11am-2pm PST & 2-4pm PST (drop-in), Monday May 10 10am-noon PST, noon-1pm PST (Accounting Review Session), 2-4pm PST, Tuesday May 11 10am-noon, noon-1pm PST (Finance Review Session), 3-4pm PST, Wednesday May 12 10am-noon
  •  Chemistry:
    • Anjali Bardhan: Thursday May 6 10am-noon PST, Sunday May 9 3-5pm PST, Tuesday May 11 7-8pm PST & 8-9pm PST (drop-in)
    • Maiya Pacleb: Thursday May 6 1-3pm PST, Wednesday May 12 10am-11am PST (drop-in, 11am-noon PST & 2-4pm PST
  • Chinese:
    • Christine Young: Friday May 7 1-2pm PST, Monday May 10 2-3pm PST (drop-in), 3-5pm PST
  • Writing:
    • Janelle Ariota: Monday May 10 noon-2pm PST, Tuesday May 11 1-3pm PST, Wednesday May 12 10am-noon PST
    • Tomicia Blunt: Monday May 6 10-11am PST, 3-4pm PST (drop-in), & 4-5pm PST, Monday May 10 10am-noon PST, Tuesday May 11 4-6pm PST
    • Bethany Llewellyn: Thursday May 6 11am-1pm PST, Friday May 7 10am-1pm PST, Sunday May 9 2-5pm PST
    • Faculty Writing Consultants available by appointment.
  • Academic Consulting:
    • Tomicia Blunt: Monday May 6 10-11am PST, 3-4pm PST (drop-in), & 4-5pm PST, Monday May 10 10am-noon PST, Tuesday May 11 4-6pm PST

Review Sessions (updated as scheduled)