CWLT Study Hours

Students of Color Hour
This is a study hour led by CWLT peer tutors that is for and by students who identify as students of color. This study hour is in addition to CWLT resources offered to all students.

GRE Study Hour
The CWLT is again offering a GRE study hour for students preparing to take the general GRE exam, led by a peer tutor who has taken or is taking the GRE. This informal group meets weekly on Sundays 2:00-3:00 in the CWLT (Howarth 109). Sessions are focused on collaborative review in preparation for common questions in the GRE General Test, though students may, at times, also share strategies for the GRE Subject Tests. 

Thesis Hour
We are also again offering Thesis Hour, for students writing a senior thesis. The group is led by a CWLT writing advisor who has written or is writing a thesis, and it meets weekly on Sundays 2:00-3:00 in the CWLT. Students who attend say that it helps to motivate them, calm their anxieties, and keep them on track. Participants set weekly goals for themselves and hold each other accountable, and they talk through emergent problems and questions each week. The thesis hour in no way replaces a thesis class; like regular CWLT writing appointments, the thesis hour offers students an opportunity to talk with peers about work-in-progress, to benefit from articulating their own ideas, and to get feedback from others (often from others who don't know the disciplinary content intimately and thus are able to ask different kinds of questions than an expert might). That kind of conversation is valuable and is distinct from what faculty do.