Collins Library Snapshot Day 2012

A record of what happens on a typical day at the Collins Memorial Library!

On Wednesday, April 11, 2012:

  • 1,739 people visited the library
  • 280 library materials were borrowed
  • 1,262 library main web page views

Collins Memorial Library joined Washington Library Snapshot Day (Map of Academic library participants) by capturing the impact Collins had on the campus community through shared photos, special stories, and statistics from Wednesday, April 11, 2012. This day provided a way for libraries of all types across a state, region, system or community to show what happened in a single day in their libraries, and gave an opportunity for Washington libraries to put themselves "on the map” and be counted in a statewide survey of library programs. This was a simple, effective way to capture all ways that our libraries offer vital services every day. Over 30 states have participated to date.

This state-wide project illustrates the importance of libraries for Washington’s citizens through collecting statistics, stories and photographs. Libraries across Washington joined in, showing how Washingtonians are utilizing their libraries this day. ACRL WA, in partnership with other types of libraries across the state will be posting the results on a website, where everyone can see these powerful stories.

The combined reporting from members from academic libraries are joined by members of other Washington library associations. Advocacy efforts of WA Library Snapshot Day 2012 hoped to generate statewide participation and results to help keep all libraries on the map for years to come. 

Patron comments:

    • The library is a very comfortable place to be!
    • The library is very helpful!
    • I love the librarians!
    • Collins is the place to be...
    • All the research help I need is right here!
    • I love the new furniture!  Can we add more Lazy Boy chairs?