Staff Privileges

Library Card (University ID)

  • Identification cards for current Puget Sound students must be obtained from Dining Services.
  • Cost: No cost. Replacement fees may apply if lost.
  • Expiration Date: End of university employment.

Checkout Privileges

Print Materials

Books & Federal Documents

100 Books 

Regular books checked out ON or AFTER 2/16/15 will have a 12 Month check out with one 6 month renewal.

Regular books checked out BEFORE 2/16/15 will adhere to the policy in place at the time of check out.  **If you are unable to renew any regular books checked out before 2/16/15, you will need to physically return the items as you have reached the maximum number of renewals allowed.
Print Journals

Bound - 1 week

Current - 1 week

Reference In-house Only
3 hr Reserves 3 hours
24 hr Reserves 24 hours
3 day Reserves 3 days
1 week Reserves 1 week
Summit Regular term loans = 6 weeks (NO RENEWAL)
Short term loans = 6 days (NO RENEWAL)
Interlibrary Loan Varies. Depends on loaning institution.  Make renewal requests via your Tipasa account.
Media Materials
CDs 1 week, 1 renewal
DVD Stacks
DVD Circ Desk
Videotape Stacks
Videotape Circ Desk
6 days, 1 renewal
6 hr Reserves 6 hrs, no renewal
24 hr Reserves 24 hrs, no renewal