Faculty Spouse/Domestic Partner Privileges

Library Card (University ID)

  • Spouses and partners of University of Puget Sound faculty are eligible to use library resources. Cards are created at the Circulation desk in the library. Spouses will fill out an information card. One spouse or partner allowed per faculty/staff. Must live together.
  • Cost: No cost
  • Expiration Date: Expires when faculty or staff employment is terminated at the university. 
  • What we need from you: Spouses and partners must be accompanied by the faculty member the first time.  

Checkout Privileges

Print Materials


Fed & State govt docs

10 Books  
6 Weeks  
10 Holds
2 Renewals
Periodicals In-house Only
Reference In-house Only
3 hr Reserves 3 hours or due at closing
24 hr Reserves 24 hours
3 day Reserves 3 days
1 week Reserves 1 week
Other No Summit
No Interlibrary Loan


Media Materials
CDs 1 week, 1 renewal
DVD Stacks
DVD Circ Desk
Videotape Stacks
Videotape Circ Desk
6 hours or due at closing
6 hr Reserves 6 hours or due at closing
24 hr Reserves 24 hours