Department Overview
The Periodicals unit is part of Acquisitions. Periodicals oversees the maintenance of our electronic journal holdings and the ordering and receiving of journals and newspapers. We subscribe to approximately 1000 titles and receive an average of 25 physical journals and newspapers each day. Besides print and microform, the library has almost 80,000 full text journals in more than 150 databases.

If you would like to know if Collins Memorial Library subscribes to a particular title, use the Primo journal (and click on the Journals tab) to search for the Journal title. Journal articles are searchable through the Primo search tab.

How to locate Periodicals
All periodicals are shelved in alphabetical order. Our newspapers can be found in the West Reading Room located in the front of the library. Other current periodicals are located in the basement room 007. Bound periodicals are located in the basement in these locations:

Paper Periodicals A - American Geologist: Room 012
Paper Periodicals American Harp - JAMA and Current Year Journals: Room 007
Paper Periodicals James - Z: Room 006
Microfilm/Microfiche: Room 013

Circulation Policy
Periodicals, volumes, and issues circulate to patrons for one week. Copy machines are located in the basement of Collins Library, room 013.