Collection Philosophy

March 1997

The Collins Memorial Library collection exists to serve the information needs of the students and faculty of the University of Puget Sound. The goals of the collection are to provide information resources needed by students in their studies, by faculty in their teaching, and to give limited support for individual faculty research. Our collection must reflect the university focus on excellence in the liberal arts by supporting the programs that attract high caliber students, and by encouraging an intellectual atmosphere conducive to the independent pursuit of knowledge.

One result of the burgeoning of information is that no single library can purchase or house even a significant portion of it. For that reason, we strive to increase access to other collections and services throughout the world, recognizing that both ownership and access are important elements of library service in the undergraduate library. We therefore define collection in the broadest sense, to include both the traditional and the virtual or digital collection, unlimited by the physical space of the building.

As changes in the curriculum modify the contents of the collection, so developments in technology change the nature of the collection. An increase in the use of technology in the academic world has resulted in a proliferation of media for disseminating information. Material will be selected in whatever format proves most useful and cost effective.

To confirm that the collection is responding to changes in the curriculum, technology, and the expectations of our students and faculty, it is important to evaluate the collection periodically. We will continually look for ways to determine that our collection is meeting the informational needs of our users.

Collins Memorial Library is much more than its collection. Equally important are the professionals who bring the user and the collection together through reference service, bibliographic instruction, and knowledge of information systems. The quality of the collection will always be linked with service and the librarians providing this service add value to the collection.