This page is intended for Puget Sound faculty. It includes a list of links and other information about plagiarism.

What do we know about cheating and plagiarism?

  • 72% of students admit to cheating on written work.
  • 15% have submitted a paper obtained in large
    part from a term paper mill or Web site.
  • 52% have copied a few sentences from a Web site without citing the source.
  • 90% of the students using the Internet to plagiarize have also plagiarized from written sources. (The Web has ‘created’ few new cheaters - 6% of all students.)
  • The level of cheating is higher for business, engineering, and health related majors. 
  • Honor codes seem to reduce cheating.
  • Students don't find certain forms of cheating very serious.


Why do students cheat?

  • Lazy (32%)
  • Grades (29%)
  • Pressures to Succeed (12%)
  • Ignorance (9%)
  • Time pressure (5%)
  • Other (13%) 


Term Paper Mills
Term paper mills proliferate on the Web. Among the many that exist are:

Other Sources
In addition to term paper mills, there are other ways to cheat.

  • Course Web sites
    Student papers are often included in course Web sites.
  • Translations of Web documents
    Use a search engine to find an article in a foreign language and then translate it into English.
  • Missing Footnotes
  • False References