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Historical Approaches

  • History of Science, Technology and Medicine
    This database is the definitive international bibliography for the history of science, technology and medicine and their influence on culture, from pre-history to the present. Updated annually, with coverage from 1975-present.
    Use the Isis Cumulative Bibliography [Q125 12 Reference] for pre-1975 publications.
    An archive that contains fulltext back issues of journals on a variety subjects. Includes Isis (1913-1997); OsirisScience, Technology and Human Values (1978-1997); and others.
    Used advanced search and limit to articles, or use other limits as needed.
  • Historical Abstracts
    Covers world history excluding the United States and Canada, from 1450 forward.
  • America: History and Life
    Covers article abstracts, book reviews and dissertations on the history and culture of the U.S. and Canada from prehistoric times to the present.
  • Iter
    Full text scholarly articles relating to the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
  • Perseus CD-ROM
    The most comprehensive collection of primary sources and supporting reference materials on ancient Greece ever created. It contains over 380 texts in Greek and in translation, representing all of the major authors of the classical period and others, extensive morphological tools, art and archaeology resources, and much more.  Produced by Tufts University. See directions for mapping your CD-ROM drive.

Contemporary approaches

  • Academic Search Premier
    Try this when researching contemporary issues in science and technology. This database contains lots of full text from scholarly and popular sources. It covers all subjects.
  • SIRS Researcher
    Covers social, scientific, economic, and political issues worldwide. Visit the Comparative Sociology gateway page for additional related databases.
  • PAIS International
    Covers global public policy and social issues.
  • Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography
    Provides information on the history of science through articles on the professional lives of scientists. All periods of science from classical antiquity to modern times are represented. Part of the Gale Virtual Reference Library.
  • PubMed
    The premiere scholarly medical database.  Use the Limit tab and select History of Medicine, which will extend to near the present day, or Bioethics subset as needed.

Historical Publications

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  • SIMON: Books & more in the UPS Library
  • SUMMIT: Books & more in selected Washington & Oregon libraries
  • WorldCat: Books & more in libraries worldwide
  • ILL Books Request Form: Request a book not owned by UPS or SUMMIT

Books on science are located in the Qs of the Library of Congress Classification System.  Books on technology are generally found in the Ts.  See the Library of Congress Classification outline for Q and the outline for T for a more detailed breakdown of subjects.  History of science books generally begin with Q (see call nos. for reference books listed below.)  Entire Library of Congress classification outline.

Subject headings - a sampling 

Reference books - a sampling
All titles are located on the first floor in the Reference section across from the I-Commons.

  • History of Science and Religion in the Western Tradition: An Encyclopedia. G. Ferngren. [BL245 H57 2000]
  • Encyclopaedia of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures. H. Selin, ed. [Q124.8 E53 1997] 
  • A Chronology of the History of Science, 1450-1900. R. Gasciogne. [Q125 G39 1987]
  • Encyclopedia of the Scientific Revolution. W. Applebaum, ed. [Q125 E53 2000]
  • Companion to the History of Modern Science. R. Olby, G. Cantor, et al., eds. [Q1215 C565 1990]
  • Reader's Guide to the History of Science. A. Hessenbruch, ed. [Q125 R43 2000]
  • Dictionary of the History of Science.  W. Bynum, et al., eds. [Q125 B98]
  • Dictionary of the Scientific Biography. C. Gillispie, ed. [Q141 D5 v.1-16]
  • Encyclopedia of Antique Scientific Instruments. J. Mills. [Q184.5 M54]
  • Milestones in Science and Technology, Second ed. E. Mount, B. List. [Q199 M68 1994]
  • Science and Its Times: Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery. N. Schlager, ed. [Q175.46 S35 2000 v. 1-7] 
  • History of Astronomy: An Encyclopedia. J. Lankford, ed. [QB15 H624 1997]

Browse the Q section of reference for more titles (from Q up to QA). Also browse the Q section of the general stacks on the fourth floor.

Search tips

  1. Try subject - as opposed to keyword - searches in SIMON, the library catalog for more focused results.  Resort to keyword searching if this isn't working for you.
  2. Mine result records for additional subject terms.
  3. Note Call Numbers of books that are on the subject you are exploring.  Go up to the fourth floor and browse the shelves around those call numbers; you'll be surprised how fruitful this can be!
  4. Search by time period, person, instrument, etc.
  5. Don't give up prematurely. Ask a librarian for help if you're not finding what you need.  The library has a very good collection of materials in this area.

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