1. Perform a search in PubMed.
  2. Send relevant references to the  PubMed Clipboard or simply select references from your initial search results.

3. For the selected references, use the drop down menu to change the PubMed Display type: to MEDLINE.
4. Use the PubMed drop down menu to Send to: Text.

13. Check items to move them into an existing folder ('put in folder...') or a new folder (folder tab).
14. Use the Bibliography tab when you're ready to format your citations to a particular citation style.

5. Use the web browser to Edit > Select all.
6. Copy (either use Edit > Copy or CTRL + C).
7. In a different browser window, log-in to RefWorks.
8. In RefWorks select References > Import.

9. Pick the Import Filter: NLM PubMed.
10. Select the radio button: Import Data from the following text.
11. Paste the references from PubMed into the adjoining window (Edit > Paste or CTRL + V) and click IMPORT.
12. Click 'View Last Imported Folder' to view the citations you just imported.

Ask a Librarian
Feel free to contact a librarian for assistance with this or any aspect of using RefWorks.