Follow these instructions to import references from an OCLC FirstSearch database, including Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Contemporary Women's Issues, Disclosure, FactSearch, GEOBASE, SIRS Researcher, WorldScope and WorldCat.

1. At the search results screen, mark the records by clicking the checkbox.

2. Click on the Export button  at the top of the screen.

3. Select the button to export Marked records from this search, select the button to Export to Refworks, then click the Export button.


4. A new window will open. Enter your RefWorks login-in name and password, then click the Login button.

5. The RefWorks Import page will open and you will see the following information.  Click View Last Imported Folder to view the records you exported from CSA.

Once in the Last Imported Folder, you will have options to View and Edit the complete citations.

For information about searching and sorting your citations or about creating and organizing folders click the RefWorks HELP link.