Tibetan Monks Create Sand Mandala in Collins Library, April 9-11, 2009!

The Collins Library was honored to have visiting Tibetan Monks April 9-11, 2009 to construct a 10 x 10 sand mandala in the reading room. The mandala was dismantled April 11 and the sand dispersed into Commencement Bay. During the creation of the mandala, the monks also sold merchandise to raise funds for their home monastery in India. To learn more, see: Mandala Sand Painting and the Tibetan Monks' Monastery.


Opening cermony, and drawing for the sand mandala


Tibetan monks work diligently for two and a half days, painting the sand mandala.


The sand mandala was completed Saturday morning, April 11.


The mandala was brushed off the table. Spectators were blessed with sand packets.
A booth was also set up to help raise funds for their home monastery in India.