The Art of Nancy Brones

Nancy Brones art Nancy Brones, local artist, will display her works July - August 5, 2009.

Nancy Brones has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Art from Westmont College and a Master's of Science in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. She has taken a two-year course in Art and Design from Gail Harker Creative Studies in Oak Harbor, Washington.

Artist Statement:
What began as a childhood love for paper, paint and handmade cards became a lifelong enjoyment of making handcrafted books. I like the tactile quality of the book in my hand-its size, texture, weight, color and movement.

Inspiration can come from anything around me-nature, travel, textiles. I keep sketchbooks to record ideas, designs, trials, and studies as I am developing a theme. Words and their origins are springboards for ideas. I use very little text preferring visual images and the challenge of working with color, pattern, texture, form, shape, contrast, space and design.

Researching and exploring a theme not only brings new information and new ideas but often leads to possibilities for another book or book structure. There is never a dearth of subjects for new handmade books.