Slater Museum Added to Library Collection

caranx fish The Slater Museum of Natural History library is a tremendous resource, featuring approximately 1700 titles in biology, forestry, ornithology, and more, with a special emphasis on the animals, birds, and sea life of the Pacific Northwest. The staff of Collins Library, in cooperation with Museum, recently added this collection to the Library's online catalog (Simon), to make it easier for our community to do research with this material. The Slater collection features books and periodicals published between 1872 and 2007, from around the world, describing wildlife from aardvarks to zebras and their ecosystems. The Museum owns a few research reports that only a handful of other libraries have. The most valuable items are now housed in the Collins' Special Collections. Some of the Slater copies are autographed by their authors or illustrators; a few of them are inscribed to professors Gordon Dee Alcorn, Stanley G. Jewett, E.A. Kitchin, and Leo King Couch, by their authors, UPS alumni.