Quoth the Raven

black ravenA raven has joined the library to celebrate the SymPOEsium taking place on campus all this week: February 16 - 20, 2009! (Never fear-only the feathers are real!) Edgar Allan Poe was born two hundred years ago and in his brief life wrote poems, prose, and literary criticism that remain influential to this day. Many other writers have admired deeply Poe's work, including Charles Baudelaire, Fyodor Dostoevsky, George Bernard Shaw, Wilkie Collins, Arthur Conan Doyle, Edwin Arlington Robinson. Poe also has inspired leading figures in art and music, such as composers Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Sergey Rachmaninoff, Sergey Prokofiev, Jean Sibelius, and the painter Rene Magritte, among others. To learn more about the SymPOEsium on campus this week, including links to library resources, please visit http://www2.ups.edu/SymPOEsium/.