New Library Break Zone, Plus Hot Water on Tap!


In response to your requests, we have created a “Break Zone” in the Library.  Need a cup of tea – no problem, use the instant hot water tap now installed in the basement level by the vending area.  Need a place to have your late night snack – no problem, use the newly created break room (formerly the copier area) to take your break.

Not only does this provide a place to relax and take a study break but it also helps us maintain the right balance of study spaces in the Library.  No one likes to study next to someone talking on their cell phone, or munching on an apple or discussing a class project over cups of coffee.  Now you have a place to take your break, your conversations, and your cell phones without disturbing others.

Please follow our guidelines:

  • Drinks must be in spill-proof covered containers.
  • No messy, smelly foods, hot prepared meals, or dining hall trays.
  • Use the “Break Zone” in the basement level near the vending machine (formerly the copy room).
  • Be aware of other library users – keep voices down, cell phones off.
  • Use designated recycle bins. And, LEAVE NO TRACE of food or drink.

-Thank you!