Collins Library Displays "Vermillion Bamboo, Orchid, and Stone'' (2005) Scroll

Vermillion Bamboo, Orchid, and Stone (2005)

A large, beautiful scroll entitled Vermillion Bamboo, Orchid, and Stone (2005) by artist Toshiharu (Kunpei) Kawachi, PhD, is on display in the library. An expert on Chinese calligraphy and a renowned calligrapher in Japan, Kawachi's scroll gives objects new life on paper, spontaneously painted with streaks of red. A second display case holds tools of his trade: an ink stick with heavy stone mixing palette, liquid ink, and delicate calligraphy brushes, all accompanied by informative books on Chinese calligraphy.

Kawachi also gave a free lecture on the Puget Sound campus Oct. 15, 2009 in Wyatt Hall, Room 109: "The Influence of Chinese Calligraphy Technique on Japanese Calligraphic Saint Kukai (774-835)." For more information, see: Chinese Calligraphy Expert to Lecture at Puget Sound and The Influence of Chinese Calligraphic Technique on Kukai.