Celebrating Poetry and Printing: Collins Press

Collins Press bookmark

If I am in your book, then thanks. Between
The pages, more of me's kept warm. The part
of me revealed greets you: Where have you been?
This book and I perform our silent art. - Hans Ostrom


(Images above): Collins Press logo, Collins antique press, steel letter dies, wood letter dies.

The bookmark with an original poem, marks the first printing of the Collins Press, Collins Memorial Library, University of Puget Sound.

This bookmark is printed on an antique Craftsman 6.5 x 10" tabletop platen press, using photopolymer plates. The bookmark design includes a hand-drawn illustration and the debut of the Collins Press "chop," also hand-drawn and reflective of architectural details that appear on many of the buildings on the Puget Sound campus. Both the chop and the bookmark were designed by local artist, Chandler O'Leary. Professor Hans Ostrom's original poem "Message from a Bookmark" was set in Bembo type. The bookmarks were printed on Rising Stonehenge paper, in an edition of 100. Thanks to Chandler, Hans Ostrom, Mott Green, and John Hickey the Press was returned to the Library in late May. While we have not been able to uncover much about the history of the Press, Hans tells us that he "rescued" it from the Library many decades ago as it was about to be discarded. It remained in his garage for many years and was returned to the basement of the faculty club where it has sat dormant for quite some time. It is our hope that in the future we will be able to use the Press to print special items like the one above. There is much to learn about the Press - but it is an exciting opportunity for the Library. Everyone will receive a bookmark and the first 25 individuals attending tonight's poetry reading will also receive a bookmark. At the event, Hans will be reading his poem "Message From a Bookmark" - information about the event can be found at: http://www.pugetsound.edu/news-and-events/campus-news/details/46/