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2010-2011 Academic Year

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2009-Summer 2010

Summer Semester

Purgatory Pie Press: Magic Books & Paper Toys
August 13, 2010, 4-6 p.m., Opening reception

Spring Semester 2010

Collins Library Food, Noise and Drink Policy
Let's keep the library a clean and pleasant environment for everyone.

April 2010 Events

New Library Break Zone, Plus, Hot Water on Tap!
Library creates a food, drink & chat area on lower level (basement) of library.

Call For Entries! Book Collection Contest - deadline Apr 24, 5 p.m., 2010
Collins library and Book Club of Washington sponsored student contest.

Music in the Library - a capella Singers
Friday, March 5, our music series features "What She Said" an all-female singing group.

We're All Ears...And We Want To Hear Your Opinion About Library Services
On February 14, 2010, a survey will be emailed to randomly selected participants.

Presentation by Book Artist Karen Hanmer
Karen Hanmer discusses her art and shows selected works in Collins Library, Friday, February 12, 2010, 5-6 p.m. in Library Rm. 020. [posted 1.28.10]

Langdon Cook Speaks in Pierce County READS 2010
Langdon Cook, author of "Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager", speaks in the Collins Library Tuesday, February 9, 2010, 7-8 p.m. in Library Rm. 020. [posted 1.28.10]

Erica Bauermeister Speaks in Pierce County READS 2010
Erica Bauermeister, author of "The School of Essential Ingredients", speaks in the Collins Library Thursday, January 28, 2010, 7-8 p.m. in Library Rm. 020. [posted 1.25.10]

The Collins Memorial Library Honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Honoring the great leader of Civil Rights Movement - Monday, January 18, 2010. [posted 1.18.10]

New Washington READS Poster Features Tribal Leader
Billy Frank Jr., long-time activist of tribal rights with a reputation for speaking on behalf of the salmon shows up on latest READS poster [posted 1.4.10]

Cover to Cover: The Art of Shereen LaPlantz
Artist Reception in Collins Library Jan. 21, 2010 [posted 1.4.10]

October 2009 Events

Scandal in the Oregon Territory, Fri., Sept. 18, 2009
Rachel Hiscox presents her research and archival work using the Oregon Mission Collection owned by the Collins Memorial Library. [posted 9.15.09]

Inspiring Music in the Library
Margaret Shelton Returns to Play Her Harp - Sept. 11, 2009. [posted 9.9.09]

Looking for a Library Tour?
Dial in to Guide By Cell: 253.444.6440 [posted 9.4.09]

Five Easy Pieces of Collins Library:
Finish the Five Easy Pieces of Collins Library [posted 8.26.09]

New Temporary Social Sciences Liaison Librarian: Laura Schick
Welcome to Laura Schick! [posted 8.26.09]


Summer 2009

Slater Museum added to Library Collection
Slater Museum collection in Library's online catalog (Simon) makes community research easier. [posted 7.27.09]

Reselling Books at Puget Sound
Collins Library recycles books and updates their materials. [posted 7.27.09]

Puget Sound CRIBS: Collins Memorial Library
This student-produced video gives you the 411 on all the great services and resources the library has to offer. [posted 7.23.09]

The Art of Nancy Brones
Nancy Brones, local artist, displays her works in Collins Library July - Aug. 5, 2009 [posted 7.9.09]

Project Muse
A rich online collection of scholarly journals in humanities and social sciences, and some literary magazines. [posted 7.8.09]

Teaching with Images: Resources from the National Archives
Database with Document Analysis worksheets introducing image analysis methods to students. [posted 6.18.09]

Atlas of Our Changing Environment
Database site tracking human impacts around the globe. [posted 6.18.09]

Visual Literacy: More Than Meets the Eye
Resources for visual literacy. [posted 6.18.09]

24/7 Virtual Reference Service
Puget Sound students can now get research help from a live librarian in a virtual chat forum any hour of the day or night. [posted 6.18.09]

ARTstor: Nearly One Million Images At Your Fingertips
This digital image library features art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences. [posted 6.18.09]

American Chemical Society publications
Key Chemistry resource including topics on biochemistry, recent medical developments, and environmental sciences, science, technology and society. [posted 6.12.09]

American Decades Primary Sources
Try this unique, engaging resource representing themes, movements, and events for each decade of the twentieth century. [posted 6.11.09]

Writing Like a Scientist
A resource helping Puget sound students write well in the unique, scientific style. [posted 6.11.09]

Literature Criticism Online
Did you know that Edgar Allen Poe wrote and published an anonymous review of his own work? Read Poe's review, plus much more in Literature Criticism Online . [posted 6.11.09]

Expanded Access to Education Resources
Concerned about grade inflation? Learning Assessment? Technology impact on higher education? WilsonWeb provides one-stop education research. [posted 6.8.09]

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online
An essential resource for all language students as well as students considering study abroad. [posted 6.8.09]

Explore a New Resource That Challenges Your Students to "Think Globally"
CQ Global Researcher database offers a comprehensive snapshot of today's most vital world issues. [posted 6.5.09]

Wade Guidry, New Library Technology Coordinator
Wade joins library staff Monday, June 1, 2009. [posted 5.28.09]

Celebrating Poetry and Printing: Collins Press
Rescue of the antique Craftsman 6 1/2" x 10" tabletop platen press Collins press. [posted 5.26.09]


Spring Semester 2009

New Library Materials In!
Check out our recently acquired books, videos, DVDs etc. [posted 5.12.09]

Attention Night Owls!
Library Open 24/7 MIDTERMS & FINALS: May 3-5 & 10-14, 2009. [posted 4.30.09]

Lyndsey Nichols Wins Annual Library Art Award 2009
"Nestlings" artwork on display in the library for one year. [posted 4.30.09]

Library Exhibit: Lady Vengeance - Artists' Books by British artist Sarah Bodman
May-June 17 2009, book art display in digital print, screenprint, letterpress and watercolour. [posted 4.29.09]

April 2009 Events

Inspiring Music in the Library: Keyboard & Vocal Jazz Soloist
Coming Friday, March 27, 2009, 3:30-4 p.m. [posted 3.13.09]

Attention Night Owls!
Library Open 24/7 on March 11-12, 2009. [posted 3.9.09]

Inspiring Music in the Library: University Freshmen Flute Quartet
Join us Friday, Feb. 27, 2009 for inspirational music. [posted 2.25.09]

Collins Library Displays “Vermillion Bamboo, Orchid, and Stone” (2005) Scroll
By artist Toshiharu (Kunpei) Kawachi, PhD. [posted 2.20.09]

Puget Sound History: Images from the Archives
Jones Hall, Winter 1952

Meet Al Collins, the Puget Sound Cat
This well-loved feline is a local legend on Puget Sound campus. [posted 2.11.09]

The Collins Library Supports WBCA "Pink Zone" Game Feb. 3!
Library staff cheer at second annual breast cancer awareness basketball game. [posted 2.6.09]

Inspiring Music in the Library: Guitar
Exquisite strumming of classical guitar Friday on Jan. 23, 2008. [posted 1.21.09]

The Collins Memorial Library Honors the 2009 presidential inauguration
See library displays and watch broadcasts in public locations. [posted 1.12.09]

The Collins Memorial Library Honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Honoring the King, great leader of Civil Rights Movement. [posted 1.12.09]

An Avalanche of Library Books!
Returned books pour in as Fall semester 2008 ends. [posted 1.12.09]

Happy New Year 2009!
The Collins Library and our "read-friendly" holiday seal wish you a happy new year. [posted 1.6.09]

"Quoth the Raven."
A raven joined the library to celebrate the SymPOEsium taking place on campus Feb. 16-20, 2009. [posted 2.16.09]

Scholars Declare 2009 "Darwin Year"
Keep your eyes open for the intriguing "2009 Darwin Year" library display. [posted 2.13.09]


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