Library Celebrates President Thomas: Letterpress printing and “coloring” – great combination.

President Ron Thom BroadsideIn honor of President Thomas, the Library has commissioned a unique broadside. It was created using two presses: the Arts & Crafts Press in Tacoma, WA, and the Collins Press, an antique Craftsman tabletop platen press at Collins Library, University of Puget Sound. The broadside quote, “Come, my friends, 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world,” comes from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Ulysses, which President Thomas quoted in his inaugural address.

The broadside was designed and printed by Taylor Cox, printer in residence at Collins Press. The first two layers President Ron Thom Die Cut Broadsideof the print (the light and dark blue) were printed using a reduction linoleum carving. The light blue was printed first, covering the entire silhouette of the globe. Taylor then carved away the areas where the broadside would be light blue. The block was then printed a second time in dark blue, allowing the light blue to show through where the linoleum was carved away. The quote in red ink was printed using hand set metal type.

We have reached a point in the digital age, where technology has become the norm and things made by hand have become quite rare. We value the unique and one of a kind image that is the result of letterpress printing. As Taylor says, “Evidence of the human hand and the little inconsistencies that are present in letterpress printing cannot be duplicated using digital design. The time and care that can so easily be lost in digital design, become ever apparent through the carved blocks and hand mixed inks of letterpress printing. It is the tactile nature of letterpress printing that is so important in the mass production of the digital age.”

You are welcome to print out a PDF of the broadside here.


Library Celebrates President Thomas with a bit of Color (coloring books that is!)

Ron by the Arch | Ron in Construction | Ron in the Library | Ron at the Podium 1 | Ron Portrait |
Ron at the Podium 2 | Ron with Building

Coloring books are not just for the young any more, but for all ages. Adult coloring is all the rage and many people indicate that coloring books have many calming benefits, as well as can spark creativity. Monica Patterson ’18, Collins Library student employee from the Archives & Special Collections, found some of her favorite photos of Ron and with the wizardry of technology created a series of coloring pages. Have fun creating a “one of a kind” portrait.