Display Case Reservation Form

Cases are available on a first come first serve basis. With the current schedule of upcoming displays we cannot guarantee that a display case will be available for a specific date.  To inquire about the display case schedule please contact Jamie Spaine, jspaine@pugetsound.edu.

Agreement for Display Case Reservations

  • Libraries are collections of opinions, ideas, and information on all aspects of the human condition through time and place. Therefore, the Collins Memorial Library welcomes material representing the widest diversity of views in the interest and education of the campus community.
  • The opportunity for displays is limited to the university community and is not made available to off-campus groups unless sponsored by a recognized campus group.
  • An exhibit title card must be displayed in each case reserved. The card must indicate the name of the individual and/or sponsoring body of the display as well as a telephone number for contact. Users are responsible for any damage incurred while setting up their displays, e.g., chipped or broken glass, shelves, or wooden cases.
  • There is a maximum of one month for displaying, unless pre-authorized by the Library Director. If the display is not removed promptly upon expiration of reserved date, the Library staff can remove the materials if necessary.

Library Showcase Agreement

Library Showcase Agreement

  • Library Showcase Agreement

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