A. Musings: A Specially Commissioned Book in Honor of Aileen Kane

A. Musings for Aileen is a unique special collections book commissioned by Collins Memorial Library in honor of former University of Puget Sound colleague Aileen Kane. Aileen served as the coordinator of learning support services in the Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching and as an adjunct instructor of German during her time at the university. This book serves as a reminder of her dedication to language and literacy and offers students a contemporary example of historical manuscript principles.

The artist who conceived and designed the book is Suzanne Moore, letter artist, painter, and printmaker whose eclectic interests meld in the diversity of her artists’ books. Her books blend abstract and representational imagery, rich color and surface treatments with textual content and contemporary lettering to create work that obscures the line between word and image. A. Musings is centered on the letter “A.” Moore uses historical, symbolic, and spiritual aspects of the letter A in her work to weave a beautiful and wondrous story of the history of this symbolic letter.

Moore used Acrylic paints and mediums, gouache, 23K gold leaf, palladium leaf, and freehand foil tooling  applied to vintage English papers, as well as  a variety of handmade papers by Cave Papers, Twinrocker and by Katie MacGregor; Magnani Aquaforte, Arches Text Wove and selected Japanese papers. Bound in painted paper and enclosed in a clamshell box made by Gabby Cooksey. 

"A Musings was designed to offer historical references juxtaposed with contemporary applications of universal design and lettering concepts, sometimes described in the text and sometimes less obvious, for the reader to discover or make their own connections. Historical letterforms and their modern interpretations, a parallel between letterforms and architecture, with a contemporary Tacoma architectural reference, and passages about the about the symbolism of the letter A are all part of the 'story.’” – Suzanne Moore

You can view pages from the book in the gallery below or see the book in person by visiting the Archives & Special Collections.