About Puget Sound WorldCat

Puget Sound WorldCat logoCollins Memorial Library is launching a new catalog, Puget Sound WorldCat, that allows you to search  more than 190 million resources, including books, journals, articles, videos and DVD’s, CD’s, maps, government documents, and more. Through this one easy interface, you can search the holdings of Collins Library, Summit Libraries, and many other libraries worldwide.

Why are you switching to Puget Sound WorldCat?

Collins Memorial Library is dedicated to offering you access to the widest possible range of resources. Through Puget Sound WorldCat, you are now able to search the Collins library collection, Summit library collections, and the collections of many other libraries worldwide – all through one interface.

Although Puget Sound WorldCat has a global reach, you'll always see information about Collins Library collections and links to our services up front. Everything you need is displayed right within the WorldCat record, including location and availability information for the item, as well as prominent button links to reserve or request an item, or directly view electronic content such as the full text of an article.

The Puget Sound WorldCat interface also has several features that we hope you will find useful:

  • The “Refine Your Search” box provides several options for narrowing down a large set of results by author, format, date, subject, and more
  • A free WorldCat user account allows you to create a personal profile, create lists of library items you can share, and contribute reviews and notes to items you find in WorldCat

For more, please see the section of the FAQ called, “What else does Puget Sound WorldCat do?

What does Puget Sound WorldCat include?

  • materials at Collins Library, Summit Libraries (a consortium of 36  academic libraries in the Pacific NW), and libraries worldwide
  • books, journals, articles, media, government publications, maps, and more
  • electronic resources to which Collins library provides access
  • over 66 million article citations from databases covering a wide range of subjects including JSTOR, ArticleFirst, NLM Medline, ERIC, British Library Serials, and more

What is not included in Puget Sound WorldCat?

  • course reserves
  • some materials that are on order or in the process of being added to the collection
  • article citations and linked full-text from many research databases not indexed in WorldCat
  • listings for materials included in some of Collins Library’s online collections, such as Eighteenth Century Collections Online and Early English Books Online

What else does Puget Sound WorldCat do?

  • Integrates request and delivery options from Collins Library, Summit libraries, and InterLibrary Loan through a single interface
  • Provides links to full-text content when Collins Library has a subscription
  • Contains user-contributed reviews, ratings, and lists
  • Shows how to cite an item in APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and Turabian styles
  • Provides images of book covers and links to Google Books as appropriate
  • Allows you to mark, save, email, and export citations to RefWorks
  • Lets you choose the interface language: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, or Spanish

What other resources are available to me?

  • If you don’t find what you want in Puget Sound WorldCat, you can also try searching in the local Collins Catalog
  • Subject Guides and Course Guides include recommendations for finding books and articles on your subject
  • The Databases A-Z page lists all of the databases to which Collins Library subscribes
  • The Journal Locator provides information on all of the journals, both print and electronic, to which Collins Library subscribes
  • You can always Ask a Librarian for help

Why do articles show up in my search results?
In addition to searching for books and media, Puget Sound WorldCat lets you search citations for over 66 million articles, and conveniently provides links to the full text when it’s available through Collins Library – or a link to request through InterLibrary Loan when it’s not. Citations come from databases that cover a wide range of subjects to help you find the information you need, whether it comes in book, article, or another format. This makes Puget Sound WorldCat a great place to begin your research, but it’s important to note that Collins Library provides access to significantly more databases and online journal content than is represented in Puget Sound WorldCat. Start your research with Puget Sound WorldCat – but don’t stop there!

View a list of databases currently searchable through Puget Sound WorldCat.

Will Summit searching change now that we have Puget Sound Worldcat?
If you already use Summit, then the new Puget Sound WorldCat interface will seem familiar – but now, resources owned by Collins Library will show up first, followed by Summit items, and then by items held in libraries worldwide.

You will no longer need to search separate catalogs for Collins Library holdings and Summit holdings. The Puget Sound WorldCat interface lets you search both at the same time, and also make requests for any items not currently available at Collins.

What will happen to SIMON?
SIMON will still be maintained for your convenience. Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere! But, you will notice that we’re now calling it “Collins Catalog,” since it searches only those items held locally at Collins library – and that helps to distinguish it from Puget Sound WorldCat, which searches libraries worldwide.

When should I use Puget Sound WorldCat?
Use Puget Sound WorldCat to:

  • Start your research and find a variety of books and articles in one place
  • See if a book is available at Collins, through Summit, or through InterLibrary Loan
  • Get direct links to articles that Collins Library provides online
  • Create an account to store saved searches, create book lists, or write reviews
  • Check the status of Summit requests

When should I use the Collins Catalog?
Use the Collins Catalog to:

  • Limit your search to items held by the Collins Memorial Library
  • Find items that are on order
  • Advanced search for musical scores
  • Check your Collins Library account

Are there any advanced search options in Puget Sound WorldCat?
Puget Sound WorldCat provides an Advanced Search screen that you can use to:

  • Search for items by title, author, or subject
  • Limit your search to a particular format (book, DVD, article, etc.)
  • Limit your search by year
  • Search for items in a particular language
  • Add specific databases to search for additional articles through the Puget Sound WorldCat interface

Puget Sound WorldCat also allows you to use special search syntax:

  • Use quotation marks to search for a particular phrase (“pride and prejudice”)
  • Use + to include all terms in your search (guns + germs + steel)
  • Use - to exclude unwanted terms from your search (
  • Use # to replace a single character (wom#n finds woman, women, womyn)
  • Use ? to replace any number of additional characters (veg?e finds veggie and vegetable)
  • Use * to search for variations of a word (environment* also finds environmental and environment)

For additional help searching Puget Sound WorldCat, you can view online tutorials, or Ask a Librarian for assistance.


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