Overview of the Collection

Collins Memorial Library offers its patrons information through a variety of formats and venues. It aims at providing core materials important to the undergraduate curriculum of the university, while making access possible to a wider range of information via consortium arrangements and electronic access. There are collections of books and periodicals, plus a sizable collection of federal and Washington state government publications, microforms, videotapes, cassettes, compact disks and other media materials. The library also maintains university archives collection. Electronic access to the library catalog and to databases including indexes and abstracts, as well as full-text periodicals and documents, is available over the campus network. In addition to locally owned material, the library can draw upon the resources of libraries throughout the country through cooperative agreements with individual institutions and consortia.

Multiple Copies

The library will generally not purchase duplicate copies of books or media.


Languages that are taught at the university will be supported by the collection. In most disciplines, preference will be given to acquisition of English-language materials. Exceptions will be made if an item in another supported language provides and important resource unavailable in English.


The library will not purchase textbooks that are used in classes taught at UPS. Textbooks are defined here as those works that are created and written for classroom use and serve as the principal vehicles of instruction. The purpose of the Collins Memorial Library collection is to further course work and research. The library may make an exception to this policy when a textbooks provides the best overview of a field, or when it is a work that is considered a classic in the literature of the discipline.


Educational or public performance rights for home videos will be secured whenever possible so that they may be viewed as widely as possible.

Out-of-Print Materials

Out-of-print materials are now readily found through specialized Internet locator services, which the library will automatically employ. If initial efforts are unsuccessful, however, out-of-print materials will not be pursued indefinitely, and the selector must request further effort.

Illegally Produced Materials

The library does not knowingly purchase, acquire or keep bootleg, pirated or illegal copies of works in its collection


Selection Guidelines

The selection process is one which builds on the understanding of a number of important concepts. These are: the university mission, the library mission, the established curriculum, new curricular efforts, the overall library collection development philosophy and consortial purchase arrangements, if any. The priorities embodied in these underlie all selection decisions. The first consideration in selection will be the subject coverage of the proposed item. Existing coverage of the topic within the collection will be weighed, as will the cost of the item. In addition, the following general criteria will be used, particularly for print materials:


Authority and Reliability

Author’s qualifications and scholarly/professional reputation
Reputation and scope of the publisher
Reviewed in standard library and scholarly sources
Inclusion in subject bibliographies, indexes or core lists

Treatment and Targeted Audience

Accuracy and authoritativeness
Literary excellence
Clarity of writing
Timeliness and currency
Language appropriate to the subject and intended users Intellectual level

Physical Features

Documentation/Manuals (for electronic resources)
Charts, maps, diagrams, illustrations
Quality of physical item (binding, paper, etc.)
Format suitable for intended use