Library & Instructional Materials Defined

Library materials are purchased by library staff from funds allocated to the library and administered by the Library Director. Funds are sub-allocated and materials selected according to guidelines established in the library's collection development policy.

Library materials include a broad range of information and publications, print and non-print, issued in paper, electronic, film, and other audio and/or visual formats. They are intended to augment and individualize classroom instruction by enhancing the knowledge base of both students and faculty. They are purchased as a shared resource for the campus community and are made accessible to all members of the community through the library's automated catalog. They are housed in the library or within a library collection and, with the exception of items placed on reserve or otherwise limited by circulation policy, are generally available to students and faculty on a first-come, first-served basis.

Instructional materials also supplement or enhance classroom instruction. However, rather than augmenting knowledge they serve as teaching tools. Their use is generally used limited to a specific class or classes, often in the classroom or under the direct supervision of the instructor. They constitute or supplement a specific lesson or session and are purchased for that specific application. In order to meet their intended purposes, they must be available to the instructor and to class members as needed. They are inappropriate for library purchase as they are either too narrow in scope to be of value as a shared resource; or their use must be restricted to the degree that they are unavailable as a shared resource. These materials will usually be purchased from departmental funds, housed within the department purchasing, and will not be accessible through the library's catalog.