Legal Issues


The Collins Memorial Library collection is available to all authorized users of the library, and the library is committed to protecting the privacy of all patron records. The library subscribes to the American Library Association Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records (see Appendix C).


It is the intent of Collins Memorial Library to adhere to the provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law. (Title 17, US Code). The policy shall apply to all library users, whether faculty, staff, or students. Copyrighted material shall be treated as the property of the copyright holder, with all rights and limitations specified in the law. Section 107 of the law allows educators fair use of copyrighted material, meaning that limited numbers of copies of portions of copyrighted works for classroom, scholarship, or research purposes may be made without infringing on copyright. However, fair use shall not be abused. The library does not condone copying instead of purchasing copyrighted works where such copying would constitute copyright infringement.