The library accepts donations of useful materials provided that there are no restrictions or conditions attached. The criteria used for the selection of new materials will be applied to gifts, namely, items which are supportive of an undergraduate curriculum and fit the general selection criteria outlined in this document. Donated materials that are not added to the library collection will be disposed of using normal library procedures. The library does not guarantee to notify or return non-added materials to the donor.

The Library Director and the Development Office of the university will coordinate large gifts and donations of money.

The library cannot appraise gift materials for tax purposes. The reasons for this are explained in the ACRL Appraisal of Gifts Statement (see Appendix E) and Why We Can’t Be Appraisers (see Appendix F). Upon request, the library will provide to a donor for tax purposes a letter acknowledging receipt of a donation. Requests for tax letters must be made at the time of donation.