Collection Maintenance

Collins Memorial Library recognizes the need to continuously evaluate its collections in response to changes in the curriculum and the needs of the campus community through the de-selection and replacement of titles.

De-selection, or weeding, of library materials is an integral part of collection development. The criteria applied to selection also form the basis for weeding. The following categories of materials should be considered for de-selection: worn or mutilated items, duplicate copies, materials which contain outdated or inaccurate information, superseded editions of specific titles, and materials no longer of interest or demand.

While the library tries to maintain copies of standard and important works, it does not automatically replace all materials withdrawn due to loss, damage or wear. Decisions concerning the replacement of individual items are made by liaison librarians, taking into consideration demand for the specific item, the existing coverage of the subject within the collection, and the importance of the title to the literature of the topic. Books that are recovered after withdrawal from the collection will be evaluated as if they were gifts.

Preservation: In Process