Strategic Themes 2013-2015

Strategic Themes 2013-2015

Four strategic themes guide the work of Collins Library staff as we support the vision and mission of the University of Puget Sound.  We are proud to provide a shared space for the Puget Sound community for study, research, contemplation, and inspiration.  As we continue our strong commitment to the teaching and learning mission of the university, we embrace the overarching goals of weaving awareness and support of diversity and of utilizing technologies to enhance our own work and the work of our users. 

Theme I:  Integrate Information Literacy across the Curriculum

Puget Sound graduates must be able to efficiently identify, locate and evaluate the most appropriate and helpful sources—in any format—for any given context, to synthesize and analyze these sources to create new knowledge.  Collins Library staff work closely with faculty and other academic departments to integrate information literacy skills, in a sequenced and scaffolded fashion, across the curriculum, from the first-year seminars to the capstone courses in the majors.  We recognize the diversity of learning styles of our students and seek to support student learning by offering multiple pathways—from online tutorials to course-integrated instruction to one-on-one research consultations—for students to gain and practice their information literacy competencies.

Theme II:  Strengthen Services through Collaboration

Collins Library actively finds opportunities to collaborate with other campus departments: such as student groups; regional and national academic groups; and local community organizations.  Not only does this increased communication and sharing result in greater efficiency in the workplace, but more importantly, creates positive synergy as new ideas and practices emerge from our interactions.  In particular, we seek to increase access to diverse information sources through our participation in the Orbis-Cascade Alliance; to improve the user experience with new technologies through partnerships with our colleagues in Technology Services; and to allow different voices to be heard through our support and display of student and community creative work.

Theme III:  Develop and Manage Library Collections

Collins Library continually seeks ways to increase access to scholarly materials for our students, faculty and staff within the framework of a sustainable budget.  To this end, we support and promote open access to scholarly material and actively participate in collaborative collection development and resource-sharing programs.  At the same time, we highlight Puget Sound’s own unique content by spearheading campus archives and records management initiatives.  We reaffirm our commitment to building and maintaining collections in Sound Ideas, the institutional repository. We strive to find new ways to make access to scholarly information easier and more relevant to our users. 

Theme IV:  Expand Our Service Commitment

Collins Library pursues multiple assessment methods to continually improve our delivery of high quality services.  Our user-centered outreach efforts focus on meeting the diverse needs of students, faculty, and staff.  We seek to identify and reach out to campus groups and individual users not making full use of library services and to demonstrate the value-added services of the library, such as our liaison program and many digital projects.  We likewise seek to harness the power of social media to promote services as well as enhance users’ experience. We are committed to best practices in processes and procedures to reinforce organizational effectiveness.