Library Teams

In addition to its formal departmental structure, the library maintains a set of in-house collaborative teams comprised of staff from across library departments. These teams work to achieve goals that overlap the boundaries of the traditional library departments. The work of these teams focuses on such topics as digital collections, electronic resources, user experience, and teaching and learning.

Digital Projects

The Digital Projects team coordinates digital access to unique material from Puget Sound and makes this material available via the institutional repository, Sound Ideas, ContentDM, and other platforms as applicable.  The team reviews proposals to add content to these platforms and evaluates proposals to determine the support needed for digitization, metadata creation, digital preservation, and ongoing maintenance of the digital collections.

The team works closely with liaison librarians and campus members to provide access to unique digital content that represents the intellectual and historical record of the University of Puget Sound.  The team takes an active role in promoting the use of digital projects in teaching and learning through outreach to liaison librarians and campus members.

Hilary Robbeloth (lead), Ben Tucker, Jada Pelger, Adriana Flores


The Electronic Resources team exists to streamline communication, particularly to promote efficient discussion of the needs of the library user and the system capabilities to address those needs, and to discuss and determine procedural steps.  Included in these discussions will be the expanding role of collaborative technical services.  Technological change and systems enhancement will mean this group will continue to have topics to discuss as we ensure we use the system to its capacity.

Dusty Gorman (lead), Peggy Firman, Andrea Klyn, Carmel Thompson, Hilary Robbeloth

Shared Integrated Library System

The Shared Integrated Library (SILS) team provides broad oversight and leadership in the operation and continued development of the Alma / Primo Shared ILS system at the University of Puget Sound.

The team focuses primarily on operational aspects of the Shared ILS, in the context of library workflows. Namely, the team works to apply Alma to best effect on existing library workflows and how to implement new workflows in the library to best take advantage of Alma.

The team also serves as means of communication between library departments about internal operation and processes as well as Alliance and Ex Libris news of interest to participating staff.

Hilary Robbeloth (lead), Peggy Firman, Andrea Klyn, Carmel Thompson, Cassandra Palmore, Jada Pelger, Lori Ricigliano, Dusty Gorman


The Teaching and Learning team is responsible for setting goals, training and assessment in support of library teaching and learning services. The team plans and executes workshops for librarians, faculty and students that promote information literacy and critical thinking. The team also develops, evaluates and assesses discovery tools and programs that relate to teaching and learning such as LibGuides, Refworks, web based learning tools, and PRIMO which includes consultation with SILS Team. In addition, the team serves as a resource to promote development of peer research advisor and student mentoring programs, and oversees assessment of student learning.

Peggy Burge (lead), Katy Curtis, Adriana Flores, Lori Ricigliano

User Experience

The User Experience (UX) team takes a leadership role in gathering,  analyzing,  and centralizing usability data, such as focus group results, user feedback from comment forms, and the mystery shopper data and make recommendations to the Associate Director of User Services and Assessment Coordinator. 

The UX team identifies and recommends training opportunities for both staff and students, with particular emphasis on quality service training programs for student employees. The UX team also coordinates the library’s social media efforts, provides oversight of consistency of branding and currency of information on digital signage, library web pages, blogs  and social media outlets. The UX team reviews the information seeking behavior of library users and recommends best practices for delivery of information to better meet user needs.

Ben Tucker (lead), Dusty Gorman, Eli Gandour-Rood