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Portrait series by Kyrianna Bolles, 2018 Library Senior Art Award Winner

Kyrianna Bolles

Kyrianna Bolles is the 2018 recipient of the 12th annual Library Art Award for her mixed media artwork, connecting with her subjects through a shared experience of chronic pain.

Artist’s Statement:

“I have struggled with chronic pain since my childhood, and this has been the driving force behind my art since I was 14. I believe that chronic pain and illness is one of the largest closeted epidemics of our time. When I was a student at Puget Sound, I formed a chronic pain and illness support group on campus. My experience as the facilitator of that group inspired this series. For the first time I was able to work with other people to create portraits about their conditions and their symptoms. For a long time I have seen art as not simply the conception of something aesthetically pleasing, but as an opportunity to spark discussion.”

-Kyrianna Bolles, Class of 2018


About the Judges:

Hilary Robbeloth is a Metadata Librarian at Collins Library.
Jada Pelger 
is the Information Resources Coordinator at Collins Library.
Jamie Spaine 
is Administrative Coordinator at Collins Library.
Lori Ricigliano 
is the Associate Director for User Services at Collins Library.

This piece is located on the first floor in the Learning Commons

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