Collins Memorial Library

Artwork in the Library

Below you will find all of the artwork featured in Collins Library.

Be sure to check out our Featured Student Work which you can find on display in the Learning Commons.

Cobalt Blue Macchia Set With Red Lip Wrap

Artist: Dale Chihuly

This glass sculpture, created by Tacoma-born artist, Dale Chihuly, was given by the trustees in honor of former university president, Dr. Phillip Phibbs. The piece was created in 1990.

Located on the Main Floor in the East Reading Room.

Seat of Knowledge

Artist: Structural Concepts Design Club

"The current pages are from the book A Pattern Language and are not from the Modern Chair as they appear.  Most of these book titles were chosen because they are just great books or because they allude to something--for instance in the case of the Hemingway--the chair not having arms."

Located in the Study Commons along the back wall.


Within Reach

Artist: Bruce Salisbury
Year: 2002

The artist, a former University employee, donated this sculpture to the library, June 2003.

Located on the Lower Level in Technology Services.


Dead Feminist Series

Artists: Chandler O'Leary & Jessica Spring

"Nicknamed the Dead Feminist Set, the Feminist Broadsides are a series of collaborative, limited-edition letterpress prints created with Jessica Spring. Each broadside features a quote by a historical feminist, ties in with current political and social issues, and is letterpress printed from hand-drawn lettering and illustrations. We began the series in 2008, and release a new print about every three months." - Chandler O'Leary, Anagram Press

Located at the north end of the Learning Commons on the Main Floor.


Artist: Unknown

Presented by Gareth Barkin and the students on his 2009 Indonesia study-trip. The batik was procured in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, by students on the trip, while they were learning about batik wax relief techniques. It is hand-drawn batik (batik tulis) and features a variety of popular motifs framing a stylized map of Indonesia. The islands themselves are filled in with various "traditional" batik patterns, which historically adorned sarongs, particularly those worn by elite Javanese. The exception would be the non-Indonesian areas of the map, which are filled in with wavy lines.

Located on the Main Floor near the Liaison Librarians' Offices.



Artist: Holly Senn 

“This tree was part of the installation “Tale” exhibited in Portland, Oregon at 23 Sandy Gallery in September, 2009 by Tacoma artist Holly A. Senn.  It is made from discarded library books.”

Located in the Study Commons along the back wall, near the middle.



 Tugboat Thea

Artist: Chandler O'Leary

"Hand-lettered and carved linoleum block print featuring quote by Thea Foss, Tacoma business pioneer and inspiration for "Tugboat Annie." Created as a collaboration between Chandler O'Leary of Anagram Press and Jessica Spring of Springtide Press."

Located in the West Reading Room near the entrance of the Library.


John M. Canse Travel Brochures


Artist: John M. Canse

The posters on display on the first floor of the library are images reproduced from the John M. Canse pamphlet collection from the University Archives. John M. Canse was a history of the Pacific Northwest. He wrote about the Oregon Mission superintended by Jason Lee and collected information about the Pacific Northwest and its early settlers. This collection includes a wide range of pamphlets, newspaper articles, and other artifacts related to developments in the Pacific Northwest.

Located on the Main Floor of the library in the Study Commons.

Local Conditions Series


Artist: Chandler O'Leary
Year: 2011

These pictures of Mount Rainier are done by artist Chandler O’Leary as part of a series called “Local Conditions" - scenes that capture the changing faces of Mount Rainier. Find more about Chandler and her work on her web site: Anagram Press.

Located in the Pacific Northwest Room on the Main Floor.

Walt Whitman Print

Artist: Arturo Garcia Bustos

Walt Whitman print
University of Puget Sound Art Collection

Located in the Misner Room on the Main Floor.