Present-Day Electrical Power Generation

Much of our daily life revolves around the use and availability of electrical power.  In the United States today, many energy sources are used for electrical power generation, as shown in the pie chart above.  However, as federal government policies and market forces change, the percentage of our electrical power that is generated from each source changes, as well.  For example, the pie chart of U.S. power generation from 1990, shown below, looks quite a bit different from the pie chart for 2012 shown above. 

In addition, there is wide variation from state to state in how electrical power is generated.  For example, in Kentucky most electricity is coal-generated whereas in Washington State hydroelectric power is much more common.  The pie charts shown here represent an average across the United States as a whole. 

This exhibit will contain a wide variety of information about present-day electrical power generation, including the different energy sources used to generate power across the U.S., how electrical power gets to consumers, what sectors of our economy consume the most electricity, and some ways to conserve electricity at home.



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