Professor Stan Shelmidine and His World

Stan's Personal Letters

Stan was known for his generosity.  He often bestowed gifts of books from his personal library to his friends, relatives and students, as reflected in the comments from his nephew in this letter dated January 26, 1965.

First page of a letter from nephew Ron, in which sarcastically states that Stan's book is a dull read.Second page of a letter from nephew Ron, describing how Ron will begin a new semester at UCLA soon.

Stan was a prolific traveler and was fluent in many languages. Here is a letter Stan received written in German from one Alfred Krebs dated 18 November, 1951.

A letter written by Alfred Krebs in German. Stan was fluent in many languages  

   Here is a letter written to Stan's mother after just arriving in Istanbul, detailing visits to old friends from Tarsus.A letter to Stan's mother












In this letter dated 15 October, 1959, Stan reports to R. Franklin Thompson, then President of the College of Puget Sound, on his use of the Danforth Foundation Grant. Also below is the letter in which Stan accepted his appointment as a professor at the College of Puget Sound, sent to Norton Clapp.

A letter from Stan to R. Franklin Thompson, reporting on the use of the Danforth grant he received The letter in which Stan accepts his appointment as a professor of the College of Puget Sound.

More of Stan Shelmidine's letters may be found in the University Archives.

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