Collins Memorial Library

PSBA Fourth Annual Members' Exhibition

This exhibit was on display from June 5, 2014 to July 31, 2014. The exhibit featured 57 handmade books by 39 artists from the Puget Sound area and beyond. Book artists merge new structures with historical forms of the book to create distinctive works of art. They invite a reconsideration of the concept of book that lifelong readers may hold about conventional book forms. To challenge our ideas of what constitutes a “book," the Puget Sound Book Artists use creative techniques from photography, printmaking, drawing, painting, hand lettering, and digital media, employing unusual and surprising materials.  

Book artists distinguish themselves in the field of art by merging new structures of the book with historical forms, creating distinctive pieces that challenge our ideas of what constitutes a book. Each artist shares a personalized experience through the medium of the book as object. The creative techniques used can include photography, printmaking, drawing, painting, hand lettering, and digital media. Unusual and surprising materials are often employed.

The 2014 PSBA Members’ Exhibition curatorial team includes Deborah Greenwood, An Gates, Patricia Chupa, and Elizabeth Walsh. Pieces featured in the exhibit can be viewed in the gallery below. The exhibition catalog is available for purchase on

In 2014, the PSBA began providing membership awards to students of book arts and allied printing arts, giving them the opportunity to exhibit their work and to assist with events. PSBA also collaborates with other artists’ organizations to present public events, including the Book Arts Guild of Seattle, Guild of Book Workers, and Tacoma Calligraphy Guild, as well as Pacific Lutheran University and University of Puget Sound.

The recipient of the 2013 AMOCAT award for community outreach from the City of Tacoma's Art Commission, the Puget Sound Book Artists are a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and promoting awareness of the book as an art form.  The Puget Sound Book Artists is a 501©3 tax exempt organization and is supported by our loyal members, volunteers and Board of Directors. Their mission is to create awareness of the book as an art form throughout the Greater Puget Sound region.

View the 2014 Book Arts Award Winners here. Learn more about the PSBA by visiting their blog.