Collins Press

The Collins Press was rescued from the basement of the faculty club in 2009 and is currently on display outside of Archives & Special Collections on the Second Floor of Collins Library. Collins Press is a tabletop platen press. To print, ink is applied to the circular ink disc, paper is set into the platen, and when the lever is pulled, rollers pick up the ink and transfer it to the paper. Because of its size, the Collins Press is limited to printing note cards and bookmarks, some of which are on display in the library. Keepsakes printed from the Press have commemorated freshman orientation, the Al-Mutanabbi Street project, and the power of libraries.


 Local letterpress artists Jessica Spring, Chandler O’Leary and Carl Montford all helped to restore the Press.  During the 2013-2014 academic year, Pacific Lutheran University student Katie Hoffman served as the Printer–In-Residence.  The Press is sometimes used in classes that focus on the history of technology, the book and communication.  For more information on the Press, contact Collins Library Director, Jane Carlin:

Check out our original prints below and keep an eye out for printing events at Collins!