Book art about privacy -

"Assume the Position" by Ginger Burrell. "I walked into a full body scanner at airport security and was asked to stand with my feet apart and my arms held up. At that point I realized that we’ve become both victims and assumed criminals in choosing to travel by air. We are holding not only the position that a robber would demand, “put ‘em up,” but also the position of body searches commanded by the police, “put your hands above your head and spread ‘em.” To capture these feelings I photographed people with their hands up from behind and then used digital manipulation to alter the images to evoke the x-rays to which we are now subjected. Finally, I added text with sayings that a TSA agent, a police officer and a criminal might say to any of us."


"Face Book III" by Leilei Guo. "Nowadays the wave of globalization has penetrated every corner of the world. It connects the globe more and more closely, and it imposes influence on every citizen in the global village. Identity becomes more and more blurred while many different social networks appear, such as Facebook. People use this web site to create their own so-called “invisible network,” refreshing their friends’ latest status and updating their own as well. In this fictitious world it seems like famous or common people do not exist. There is no limit to identity, it becomes a globe village. In this work, I picked up some drawings that my students made in class, and others from famous artists’ masterpieces. When I put these drawings together we cannot differentiate which were made by artists or students, which were made centuries ago or now. Just as Andy Warhol said, 'In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.'"